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Privacy Protocol Onion Mixer Establishes DeFi Exchange Alliance to promote CeFi and DeFi Integration – IHUB Partner Press Releases

SINGAPORE, July 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Privacy Protocol Onion Mixer has announced that it would establish the DeFi Exchange Alliance to enable more innovative DeFi projects to embrace the traffic resources of centralized exchanges and jointly promote the development of open finance.

The DeFi Exchange Alliance is a resource sharing platform connecting CeFi and DeFi. It allows DeFi projects to take full advantage of CeFi’s abundant resources and meanwhile enables CeFi to participate in building a new financial world together with the global crypto communities and DeFi communities. The Alliance also provides a sharing exchange platform where a range of quality projects can come together to discuss key DeFi topics and share their experiences with each other to disseminate the application of DeFi. 

By functioning as a bridge, the Alliance will provide a range of services in technology, funding, traffic, branding, and consulting to its members. It will also cooperate with other DeFi associations, alliances and institutions to fully integrate resources and leverage the advantages of the platform and thereby provide top services to Alliance members.

Onion Mixer
Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.

Onion Mixer creates the new “anonymous transactions + DeFi” approach that combines CoinJoin and zero-knowledge proof. It supports anonymous token transactions on public chains such as ETH, BSC, HECO, TRC, etc. And by enabling liquidity mining, holding mining, anonymous transaction mining, it allows users to obtain extra revenues while enjoying high-quality anonymous transaction services.

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