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Professional athletes swear to WAFF to build better strength and posture

If we learned anything from a year’s worth exercise at homeAll you really need to turn any living room into a home gym is a few feet of floor space (especially if you’re in such a tiny space). if you We will be investing in something to take your carpet workouts to the next level, you want to make sure it delivers maximum benefit with minimal storage requirements. Enter: WAFF.

WAFF is really no different than a large, inflatable disk that looks like a swimming float. Because it comes in three different sizes, it has dozens of various applications beneficial to the body. You can use it to reinforce exercises for your muscles and lower body, you can lie on a pillow to stretch your back or you can slide it onto the desk chair to help improve your posture while working. It’s so versatile that Fabrice Gautier, one of the brand’s founders, says that many professional athletes have made it part of their fitness and recovery routine.

I have personally used the WAFF Mini in my carpet and desk workouts over the past few weeks, and have noticed a huge difference in my core strength. Even if I was simply sitting on it while typing at the computer, it was clear that my abs were working harder than usual to keep my upper body from flabby. For Max, it has become a major factor in my recovery routine. I liked lying on top of it, and actually started taking it to the park for a nap (don’t judge me). One of my favorite qualities, however, is that the devices easily bulge and deflate, meaning they don’t take up a square inch of floor space when you’re not using them. Is there a conspiracy? Here’s how to incorporate them into your routine.

1. To make floor work more difficult

From a fitness standpoint, WAFF is designed to make your standard floor movements – like crunches, lifting weights, and Russian Swivel – more difficult. That’s because it adds an element of instability, like the Bosu way or exercise ball, which helps activate your muscles in completely different ways. “Working with an unstable surface is extremely effective by increasing muscle mass and enhancing movements your body may be used to,” Tiffani Hendin, a Gymnastics Obé instructor, said before Good + Good. “Balancing works on small, stable muscles that are often ignored when larger muscles take over.”

2. To help with posture

One reason people love WAFF is that it helps them sit up straight. “If you put a slightly deflated WAFF Mini under your butt, you will get the feeling of being perfectly seated without restriction on your movement, as it’s more stable than sitting on a training ball,” said Gautier. . “It raises your hips slightly higher than your knees and allows you to steadily contract your lumbar, which is the normal curve of your back, preventing you from sagging and damaging the disc.” You can also put another WAFF behind your lower back for extra assistance while you sit.

3. To recover

While the smaller WAFF helps activate your muscles, WAFF and WAFF Max are great for helping your body recover. “Once you’ve activated your body either through your training or by sitting on the WAFF Mini, Max comes into play,” says Gautier. “It uploads to your central nervous system and allows it to rest and reset on a cloud.” All you have to do is lie down and rest your body. But be aware: It’s so comfortable, it comes with a very real risk of putting you to sleep.

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