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Proietti, ‘Ndo cojo cojo’ debuts, ridicule and ridicule – Culture & Entertainment

“Yes, yes. I confess. Yes, I write things in poetry. I declare myself a poet refugee.” Gigi Proietti, who passed away on November 2, 2020 on her 80th birthday, is the greatest actor, director, writer and interpreter of a human universe often from Rome. where he spoke in his noblest soul and was known by more people. . He’s writing a memoir (Rizzoli, p. 228; 17.50 euros) “‘Ndo cojo cojo. Sonnets and sneering beyond any rules. of his two daughters, Susanna and others, drawn by Gigi himself (black and white drawing including self-portrait).
The series was edited by Sagitta Alter (with him since 1962, “we are ancient concubines” he likes to say, a genius of laughter and more).
And our daughters Carlotta and Susanna in the introduction emphasized that they had long since wondered whether to publish their father’s unfinished book and together with their mother we decided to do so. by integrating it with their father’s sonnet and other works “The fact that it is unfinished has made us contemplate for a long time the melancholy side of imperfection.
How “right” is when publishing an unfinished and revised work from the hand that gave it life. My sister Susanna’s infinite intellect is decisive – emphasizing Carlotta, the actress: ‘It was the father who was telling us what to do with it:’ ‘Ndo cojo cojo, connecting the dots and creating an obvious … just obvious chaos “; Like to say, in his repertoire where, catch well … “.
A heterogeneous mixture of different factors, the brand characterizes Gigi Proietti’s career. They added that composing the “lineup” has always been one of the talents: “The ability to make collages of the puzzle pieces seems to be far apart from different snippets in the whole”.
Approximately eighty sonnets were written between 1997 and 2020, along with about fifteen poems in free verse and a number of reflections written during the lockout period last spring. Reading them, you feel different when you hear the voice declare, smile, cancel, criticize yourself …
Proietti gave expressions, words, and meanings in Italian. To understand this, if instead of saying, “I am particularly unlucky in that situation”, people say: “He told me pedalino”. Or “Zella told me, if you do it first”.
His Romanism was above all in sonnet writing: some became a fixed appointment also for the readers of Messprisro or of Daily Truth, many others were reread in the events. Public lawsuit or still in the notebook that he took with him. in the setting or in the locker room and on top of it he enjoys constructing sharp verses to combat daily political and cultural collapse.
For the first time, all of them are collected in this book, along with a few short stories, which he made very interesting, such as the adventures of Er Ciofeca, who always found himself despite the original. torso in the center of a mess. Roman chronicles, between stunned conversations in his bar or in the queue of a barbershop. “He said: What am I doing today? Dunno? The date is not promising. Before I feel a drop, one, but substantial. Right on the neck ..”.
Then came the paintings that Gigi Proietti enjoyed as he corrected his feelings of fear, fervor and small phobias of the world around him with a few brushstrokes. Other sentences between published and unpublished, pertaining to political news in the recent past from Berlusconi to D’Alema to the Federation of yesterday to today, to the mayors’ landing capital, “ar traffic of Rome”. Much of it is for his Rome, for his colleagues at theater in general, from er Braccaccio to the Globe. He asked his daughter Susanna to give a face to the characters of “Ndò cojo cojo”.
The result is a one-of-a-kind book, supported by stories and sonnets that go beyond any rule, capable of making people laugh and move, and once again proving talent. as a storyteller and a sonnet writer. An extensive repertoire in an episode that is expected to be like opening a gift before Christmas, will shed tears, tears, laughter and reflection. An enormous archive thanks to the exhibits of Sagitta, Susanna and Carlotta, which includes poems, versacci, a few others lesser known, but surprisingly those came from the fish archive. from the computer where the girls “transcribed his notes. the phone from himself from the first pages of his book or from his notebook”, and a again the homage that most people know of Alberto Sordi’s death, Vittorio Gassman (Watching Vittorio sleeping: “Vittor, you made a really bad joke But what if he did this? Senza di ‘gnente?). Gigi Magni, but there are poems like Mettemo le bar ar Campidojo (December 2014, private archive) for those written in the lockdown between the Romans who are sleep, ‘Er smart’, unpublished that started like this: “It says: let’s get back to normal! Well, normality is still what we know so far, if it would make me a nun’s tornacce “
To kill that sky, but we won’t reveal it to you, it will make you shed more than one tear. “This book is another gift for him, it will help all of us not to forget the beauty that he has given us,” the girls concluded. (HANDLING).



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