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Protests to end Asian hatred were held in NYC; ‘We are all different, but that doesn’t mean we should treat us differently’ – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – People from all over the city have come together, holding rallies to show their support for the Asian community.

There was a big support show outside of the Brooklyn Borough Hall on Sunday. City leaders and people of all walks of life, races and religions have joined the mission of stopping discrimination and violence against the Asian community, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez put believe.

“There are many others who are still keeping quiet. We will make sure they speak up, too. No more hate! ” State Senator John Liu to speak.

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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams comforted Bensonhurst’s Shaoshing Chan, as Asian community advocates shared the story of her truck driver husband, Chak Keung Chan.

On March 2, he was brutally beaten and left to death, while on delivery in Syracuse. He is still unconscious in critical condition. The police are still investigating, but have not declared the attack to be a hate crime.

“When people pick up someone, a truck driver for money, you hit him once or twice. You don’t beat them to death in half. Those are injuries that are appropriate for a biased attack, ”said community activist Karlin Chan.

Atsuko Nakajima-Healy of Crown Heights brought her husband and 8-year-old son to the rally to unite with the anti-racism movement. She says that all attacks are personal.

“I felt like a knot in my stomach. It also affects my thinking. Like, my actions. I’m afraid to go out, ”Nakajima-Healy said.

“We are all different, but that doesn’t mean we should be treated differently,” Kenta Nakajima-Healy said.

“Whether we have felt this ourselves or experienced any kind of violence, this is an opportunity for us to be here for each other,” added Benjamin Healy.

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Other protests against Asian hatred were held at Union Square and Flushing, Queens. That is an encouraging sign for many who have long felt the grief of racism.

“This has been a lifelong struggle for a lot of people, for Asian Americans, for black Americans. The list goes on. It makes my heart hurt, ”said Brooklyn resident Sajana Blank.

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Asked if all of this support for the Asian community is encouraging, Blank said: “Yes, it gives me hope.”

But the painful reality is that there is still a lot to do, to stop the meaningless discrimination.



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