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Provocative Moscow, Ukraine, in danger of civil war – Europe

Kremlin sees one The threat of a resumption of civil war in Ukraine. “We are facing provocations along the line of communication. Ukraine’s armed forces have embarked on a path to escalate these provocations and are continuing this policy. This provocation tends to escalate. All of this creates a threat of resuming civil war in Ukraine, “spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by Interfax, was quoted as saying.

“We note the statement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited Donbass yesterday and said that becoming a NATO member would probably help end the conflict in the region. hope of Kiev, The possibility of becoming a NATO member not only will not bring peace to Ukraine but, on the contrary, will lead to a widespread increase in tensions in the Southeast, which could have irreversible consequences for the holds the state of Ukraine.“This was stated by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, quoted by TASS.” We again ask the Kyiv government to take a responsible approach and eventually begin to fulfill obligations under the Minsk package, “added Zakarova, emphasizing that the situation in Donbass remains complex and has The tendency worsens due to “Kiev’s bellicose intentions, still motivated by the illusion that there may be a military solution to the conflict in the southeastern country”. “He noted:” The equipment The military is deployed in the region and the mobilization plans are updated, “he noted.” Ukrainian media are making rhetoric based on the myth of the Russian threat, arguing that Moscow has intentions. to attack Ukraine in the near future Western donors in Kiev openly support most of the developments, “said Zakharova. Zelensky on Tuesday said the only way to end the war in Donbass was for Ukraine to join NATO.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin gave “necessary explanations” to Angela Merkel: “We freely move our armed forces, any unit on Russian territory at our discretion.“This was stated by Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, after in a phone call, the German Prime Minister asked Putin to” reduce “the reinforcement of the Russian army near the border with Ukraine.” Ukraine is transforming once again into a potentially highly volatile region and of course any country with a volatile, dangerous and explosive zone near its borders, takes the necessary measures to ensure your own safety “.

Waiting time a US delegation led by the military head of the US Embassy in Kiev, Colonel Brittany Stewart, visited Ukraine’s operating area in the Donbass and Ukrainian units joined along the line of communication: the agency Interfax reported, quoting from the press center of the Ukrainian headquarters. “The US government – Stewart said according to the Interfax news agency – is deeply concerned with the developing situation around the border with Ukraine and supports by all means for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


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