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Radicchio Citrus Salad Recipe with Homemade Dressing

At this point, we are already quite familiar with endive—But there are many other colorful leafy vegetables we should think about adding to our table. Response: Red and purple leafy vegetables, which are delicious in salads (like this one!) And can be added New beautiful colors to the table.

Radicchio is one of those red leafy vegetables that come from the same family as laksa leaves, and although it looks a bit like cabbage, it tastes more bitter and bitter. It’s also typically in season in early spring, so you’re more likely to find it over the next few weeks than the peak of summer. Rich in vitamin K (170% DV), it is also a good source of zinc, copper and antioxidants. Meanwhile, the oranges in this salad offer vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

Also, it’s quite simple: a homemade clothes Use leftover citrus juice, plus some watercress pieces to accentuate the radicchio’s natural deliciousness.

“Simple and colorful, this salad will lighten any orchids that need a little bit of sun,” writes Food networkJeff Mauro in his new cookbook Come on over. Inspired by the memories of growing up in a busy home that always has visitors, recipes – including this salad – are designed to share.



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