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Radu Jude, obscenity is really powerful – Cinema

“Real obscene words? Who uses the power to crush other people. These are real obscene words. Or even make a movie in which someone with a machine gun kills people but nobody says anything.” . ” So Radu Jude, this year’s Romanian director won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival with BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN, a televised show of his work, available from April 16 on MioCinema.

The film begins with scenes worthy of PornHub, which stars a middle school teacher, Emilia Cilibiu (Katia Pascariu), and her husband Eugenio who are having sex in their home. So far, nothing bad, except for the fact that the video quickly becomes viral and some of the professor’s students watch it and rate it. As a result, Emilia’s long-haul adventure quickly passed through a noisy Bucharest filled with involuntary theaters. And this came to the gathering of her class’s parents willing to judge her with severity.

“The film – the director explained – will be released in Romania for six weeks, at least I hope, but a pirated version has been circulating in my country, which many consider to be the worst movie ever seen.However – he added – I could ‘Can’t say if GOOD LUCK OR LOONY PORN really reflects today’s Romania, I can only say that it is my personal opinion of I go back to my country “. However, Jude wanted to say that the porn scene was originally filmed by two professional pornstars, while the nude was done by the same actress. “Luckily – the director explained – that original scene was taken before Covid. After that it won’t be possible to shoot. However, I don’t see any obscene scenes in this movie when you only see one scene. simple sex. If they ever had to censor it and highlight it. The screen that I think I would give the viewer a QR code in order to be able to retrieve it. As for cinema is art, Jude said, “I think it can be helpful to see the world with a different eye. However, my cinematographic references, even for this film, are the master. neo-realism and Roberto Rossellini, the greatest. This woman who transcends Bucharest, from the periphery to the center, shows how uncivilized we treat the environment, individualism and different class distinction, maybe a neo-modernist character.

Online porn? “Unfortunately, the line between private and public has now been lost. When I saw a stolen photo of me posted on social media, I was very angry, but everything is now like.” so “. MioCinema, in collaboration with the Trieste Film Festival, will then propose to rate the Romanian director for four titles: Aferim! (2015), Silver Bear in Berlin for the Best Direction; Dead Nation (2017); I Don’t Care If We Go Into History As Barbarians (2018) and In Hoa (2020).


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