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Ray Dalio offers people a window to enter their own fragile soul, for free

Many are now experiencing more than a year of their most isolated phase, forced to spend months reflecting on themselves under unprecedented stress and worrying public health experts that a a second pandemic of poor mental health happens like a pandemic.

So Ray Dalio is thinking people right is in the mood for their personalities to be poked and motivated in a transparent way.

Billionaire hedge fund manager becoming self-help author is giving Regular Joes the opportunity to evaluate the dignity worthy of employees at his $ 140 billion hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, for free!

“As many of you know, my main goal at this stage of my life is to instill the values ​​I have in life to help others succeed,” Dalio wrote in a morning email. Thursday. “As explained in my Principles book, I find that knowing what I am and what others are like is invaluable and I find psychological tests very helpful in gaining knowledge. there.”

Now you can also explore Bridgewater style for yourself by donating just 10 minutes of your time (30 minutes if you want to go deep), enter here for the test.

Bridgewater is known for its “radical transparency,” a philosophical theory of complete openness that Dalio has used as the company’s corporate governance trait for decades and has been applied as “Nguyen. rules, ”his list of best practices and the title of his bestseller.

His thorough transparency makes Dalio a very wealthy man, with an estimated value of around $ 20 billion and helps create the largest hedge fund in the world. He has also spent most of the past few years preaching the gospel of his “Principles” in books and on social media. Dalio also openly mourned the tragic loss of her son in December.

As an employer, Dalio’s Bridgewater has a reputation for being selective in its hiring process, while those employed often have to explore an environment that shares unprepared and often unintended truths. is painful in the office setting, not for everyone.

Psychological tests, such as the one Dalio said he created with three “expert psychologists”, are kind of things that can be used to pick a shortlist of people who are supposed to be enough. smart to transact at Bridgewater and identify a few precious enough emotionally secure to withstand the relentless criticism of a completely transparent workplace.

Or, as Dalio put it, “A unique personality review that paints a clear portrait of the people doing it and helps guide people in their interactions with others.”

Besides making a ton of money, Dalio also became famous for talking about his thoughts on the financial markets.

Last month, the hedge fund founder said “the economics of investing in bonds (and most financial assets). has become stupid, ”In a LinkedIn blog post. 10-year Treasury yield

at 1,554% on Thursday, but still 64 basis points from the January 4 low this year.

On the Dalio personality test, it takes just a few clicks to rate yourself on a sliding scale from “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree” with lots of prompts, such as “compare for others, I have no difficulty controlling anger “and” Naturally finding a deeper meaning in everything that comes to me. ” “

Contestants should be prepared to receive some practical feedback, letting them know if they are extroverted, nurturing, and how they interact – or not – with others.

For example, this reporter already knew that while he had, presumably, the required “hard” scores and the “nurturing” scores low enough to thrive on the Bridgewater exchange, the personality score His is so low in comparison to “composing” “flexibility” or “determination” traits, that he cannot really thrive … anywhere.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

“And if you want to go further on this path of self-discovery for you and those around you,” Dalio generously suggested in his email, “let me know and I will turn to other ways to make the most of what you learn. “

At the end of the generated results, Dalio makes it easy to share your personal reviews, with colorful prompts allowing users who don’t have a glimpse of their personality with “Sister”, ” The BFF or most obviously is “Spouse”.



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