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Recipes for vegetarian toast and protein-packed white beans

What’s better than butter toast? An Butter toast variation That’ll really fill you up for hours – and this vegan version is sure to do just that, using an ingredient you might already have in your pantry.

The classic way to add protein to avocado toast is with an egg – be it hard-boiled, hard-boiled or otherwise. However, that’s not an option for those who follow plant-based and vegan diets, like cookbook author and recipe developer Rozanna Purcell. Her replacement? An umami– and protein packaging update she shared on Instagram this week: “Probably my favorite toast variant,” she wrote, “It’s zingy & savory & delicious.”

She combines the avocado with another creamy ingredient: white beans. Although there are a few varieties available, cannellini beans are quite easy to find and will go well with this recipe.

Nutritionist Jess Cording, MS, RD, CDN previously shared that using white beans In recipes may provide “dietary fiber and protein supplements to compensate for any potential spike in blood sugar.”

Furthermore, beans are among the founders of the Blue Zones Dan Buettnertheir favorite food – as this budget-friendly pantry item frequently appeared in the diets of the regions he studied. In fact, when he appeared on the mindbodygreen podcast, he said: “If you asked me if there are any supplements you should take to live longer, I would say yes. […] That’s 120 beans every day. “

Purcell also adds a tasty hint of fermentation to simple dishes with a teaspoon miso paste, while fresh herbs and citrus help keep the taste light – perfect for brunch for a post-workout lunch.



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