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Recovery, Draghi: ’70 billion infrastructure and green mobility ‘- Politics

“In Europe, we have launched a 750 billion euro plan, called The Next Generation of the EU.. One of the Plan’s goals is to support environmental transitions in Europe. 10% of Europe’s plan, about 70 billion euros, will be for investments in green infrastructure, a circular economy and sustainable mobility only in Italy, ”explained the head of government.

The national restoration and recovery plan will be the subject of two different meetings of the Council of Ministers. This is what we learned from government sources. A CDM is scheduled – even if not called yet – tomorrow, to test the original text. On Monday and Tuesday, Prime Minister Draghi will present the plan to the Chambers, which they will show by a vote after his disclosure. Only then, from April 28 to 29, is there a second Council of Ministers, for the final review and vote of the NRP, before submitting it to the European Commission, scheduled for 30. April..

At Palazzo Chigi in the morning, Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Economy Minister Daniele Franco met together with the team leaders, the Minister related to the recalled dossier. On the table The draft NRP will be submitted to the Council of Ministers tomorrow. A meeting lasted about two hours.

National recovery and recovery plan Total amount is 221.5 billion, of which 191.5 goes to Recovery fund and 30 billion to supplement fund. This is what appears from the inserted tables in the document that the CDM should examine. You are on duty: digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture, with 42.5 billion VND; green revolution and ecological transformation with 57 billion; infrastructure for sustainable mobility with 25.3 billion; education and research with 31.9 billion VND; integration and association with 19.1 billion VND; health with 15.6 billion.

By 2026, GDP will be 3 percentage points higher thanks to the interventions envisaged in the National Recovery and Recovery Plan, We still read it in the draft prepared for the CDM. Average GDP growth in the period 2022-2026 will be 1.4 points higher than the period 2015-2019. Productivity growth goals through innovation, digitization, and investment in human resources are outlined.

The six missions of the National Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan will also be accompanied by two structural reforms in the judiciary and public administration, a draft prepared from the perspective of the Council of Ministers. The draft mentions other reforms considered “facilitating”, such as simplifying licensing, authorization, and interference with procurement code. The government is also thinking “sector-specific reforms such as new regulations on renewable energy production and railway program contract interventions”.

Because of what cares administering the NRP, having “direct responsibility of the relevant governance structures: ministries and local and territorial agencies for the implementation of investments and reforms within agreed timeframes and regular, correct and effective management of resources “, We read in a draft presentation by Pnrr. “Monitoring, reporting and transparency,” it writes, will “focus on the Ministry of Economy, which oversees and controls progress on reforms and investments and acts as a single point of contact. to contact the EU Commission “.

Highest share of 30 billion of ‘additional’ Recovery funds they will enrich the mission of “Green Revolution and ecological transformation”: green, according to the draft, will amount to nearly 12 billion, (11.65) of which 8.25 is for Superbonus. Pictures are still the subject of the profile. Another 6.13 billion will be for digital and mobile respectively (from broadband and 5G it takes 1.4 billion to remote monitoring system of bridges, tunnels and viaducts obtained 1.15 billion), 3 , 25 billion will be for projects related to the mission of “Inclusion and cohesion” and 2.89 for health.

The new national recovery and recovery plan certifies 19.72 billion for health, it is learned from the Department’s sources. In total, 15.62 billion will be envisaged in the NRP, plus 1.71 billion React Eu, plus 2.39 billion in additional funds.

Resources for education and research are increasing in the new draft of the National Recovery and Recovery Plan. This is what emerged from a comparison between the figures from the previous draft NRP and the new table, which was distributed to ministers. In the previous NRP, with a total value of 210.9 billion, resources devoted to education amounted to 26.66 billion. In the new draft, worth 191.5 billion, education instead is 31.9 billion, of which 24.1 billion for new projects and 7.7 billion for existing projects.

A very complex plan, confirming 6 quests and 16 components for the Restoration Plan: is what appears from the draft and the new panels. Unlike the old draft, 39 axes were identified for development of interventions (previously they were “lines” and had 48), divided into 135 investments and 7 reforms, respectively. Among the three issues are related to public administration (transition, access and skills), followed by reform of the industrial property system, compulsory training for schools, and active labor policy. and medical territorial reform.

From the renewal of the superbonus to 2023 as an “essential” for the NRP evaluation to the correct documents verifying the details of the projects: this is – according to what we learn from government sources of the Movement – the proposals that the M5S made this morning to the Palazzo Chigi summit on the Restoration Plan. Attention to youth, women and the South are other points required by the M5S, with the approval of the Plan by Congress as formal but with “real participation”. In the planning chapter, out of requirements, “no” for the incinerator and agreed to green hydrogen appears.



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