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Recovery, Draghi: more transparency, will have a digital background – Politics

The Recuperate it becomes impossible if it is not transparently communicated, drawn, digitized. Each project has a time schedule, this information will be placed on a digital platform that can be controlled and monitored “by everyone”. He would say, according to what some of the participants learned, Mario Draghi in meeting with companies. But the best way – he added – to test performance over time and how it will be decided is in constant dialogue with you: the best way to be transparent. I am very happy with this meeting but I imagine there will be many more in the coming months. The implementation phase of the Restoration plan will be “based on three pillars”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi will explain this to representatives of the employers’ associations, according to what learned from some of the participants. The first pillar is rule simplification, the political era, including alternative power, institutional simplification. The second pillar is reform, especially public administration and civil justice. The third pillar is transparency.

“Priority contribution to debt reduction” will come from “the strong economic growth that the adoption of the NRP and additional investments will contribute: the rapid and complete implementation of the plan is the key challenge. that the country has to face “. So, Minister of Economy Daniele Franco in the Def hearing. “For the period 2022-2033, the decree is determined to use an additional 56 billion” for additional Recovery projects: “30.5 billion in particular” in 2021-26 to “implement The national investment plan complements Pnrr, about 10 billion is allocated to finance even larger projects in the railway sector “which” could mostly affect the southern regions “,” 15.5 billion will reintegrate the Development and Mounting Fund “restoration projects. So, Minister Daniele Franco in hearing on Def. “Over there Rent reform As one of the government’s priorities, the idea was to have a reform as organic as possible for it to look at the entire system. Parliament has done a very important job, an absolute legacy that must be used by parliament and government together, which is what we will do in the coming months. “Budget Committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The plan to reduce the deficit / GDP by 8 points under the Def plan by 2022-24 is “only reliable with sustainable growth”, warns Confindustria. “To avoid hazards”, the need to “provide interventions for steady growth”; “This goal can only be achieved when there are interventions to grow and make it solid and lasting”: is the view expressed by President Carlo Bonomi at his meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the fund. rehibilitate. “Considering that Italy’s public debt is expected to exceed 150% of GDP for many years, a solid and reliable Plan B is proposed for debt repayment in Europe”. Confindustria stressed “the most urgent needs for business: liquidity, capitalization, refreshments, work” at Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s meeting with business associations on recovery funds. “The emergency measures introduced in 2020 have alleviated the shocks of the crisis, but also identified a sharp rise in corporate debt. Industrial firms are also burdened by prices.” raw materials increase significantly reduces cash flow, “is the position emphasized by the leader of industrialists, Carlo Bonomi. In the refreshment chapter, Confindustria said, “we record the change of rate in the announcement wanting to overcome the logic of contributions calculated only on revenue losses, also including the fixed costs of hitting Price support provided “. As for the job, “the numbers indicate absolute urgency: between February 2020 and February 2021, we lost 945,000 employees, especially young people, women, temporary and TB. automatic freedom, despite stopping layoffs is only given in Italy “.



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