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Redeem is discounted to the end of the year, the extension is assessed – Economy

The exchange equal to the discount will last until the end of the year can be extended. The hypothesis predicted by the Reporter has been confirmed by government sources.
The idea would be to implement a measure put in place with the 2019 ‘decree’ regulating Citizen Income and Quota 100, edited by then-Deputy Minister of Labor Claudio Durigon. The 3-year trial period will expire on 31 December 2021 but in the view of the next maneuver at the end of the year, the extension of the measure has achieved some success.
The law states that college years can be reused for unlimited retirement purposes, but provided that they have not contributed before 1996 and must join compulsory general insurance (employees , self-employed or individually managed).

Currently, professional pension fund members are excluded. It can be exchanged for up to five years of university, with salary-based but subsidized costs and an average of around € 5,200 per year. The application must be submitted to INPS and the amount can be paid in a single solution or up to 120 monthly installments of no less than 30 euros.


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