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Refining your workflow can increase your productivity by 25%

You can increase your productivity by being able to get more done in less time.

April 23, 2021

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How to increase productivity

You increase your productivity by being able to get more done in less time. To do this, you must learn new skills or invest in tools and Technology. Let’s take a simple example of mailing. You can get mail delivered by walking from house to house in the neighborhood. You can also deliver mail much faster and to more homes if you are driving your truck across the same neighborhood. You will have to learn to drive and you will have to be provided with a truck to increase your productivity.

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The role of communication in increasing productivity

Effective communication has been identified as a key factor in increasing productivity of office workers. A recent study found efficacy results in up to 25% productivity improvements when employees feel engaged at work and connected with their peers. The faster you can communicate with your coworkers, the faster you can get things done.

For a long time, people used to communicate primarily by phone and then email. The document was shared as an email attachment. Later to the end and popular chat. They reasoned that instead of wasting time searching email threads for internal communication, why not use chat. Chatting is faster and simpler than emailing and waiting for replies. As expected, productivity has increased and Slack has become a popular office communication tool.

But the email hasn’t disappeared yet. Communication with customers and suppliers still takes place via email. This has resulted in information vaults. Each chat, email, and document has pieces of information related to the same topic. To find information, people increasingly rely on search engines. But searching is not easy when information is scattered across many applications. If information is better organized and relevant contacts are connected, even through multiple communication channels, there is no need to search. According to Interaction Sources, 19.8% Time – the equivalent of one working day per week – is wasted by employees seeking information to do their jobs effectively. data shows that “knowledge workers spend about 2.5 hours per day, or about 30% of their working day looking for information”.

Natural organization for technically challenged people

Not everyone is naturally organized. For many people, organizing is time consuming and stressful. They easily follow the flow and simply handle work as it arrives. Inevitably things get messed up. Misplaced files, lost documents, information scattered across emails, chats, and many other file holders. This leads to search problems.

have come up with innovative tools to solve this problem. But they are designed for technically savvy users. Most small businesses aren’t too technically proficient. They are comfortable working with browser-based emails (Outlook, , Yahoo, etc.) and on-screen folders to organize information. Such users might see the value of using chat for internal communication, especially when teams are working remotely. But they don’t know how to keep all of this information organized – chats, emails, documents and possibly to-dos and social feeds among others. Desktop folders do not self-refer to being used as organizational tools information on the basis.

Theme directory on the web

It’s time to have a new kind of folder. One directory can seamlessly organize contact information from any source. Imagine you could spontaneously switch from email from customers to chat with colleagues, then share documents with the whole team and collect their feedback before responding to customers. What if all this related information is automatically connected and stored in a web directory that can be uniquely named according to the subject of the conversation.

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Yield dividends

A tool that can capture relationships between different communications and automatically store them in uniquely named folders will increase productivity dramatically. There is no wasted time searching and there is no need to change the way of working. Simply handle email, chats, and documents like you would normally do and voila, they’re all neatly organized!

In the days of freemium SaaS tools, such a web-based tool could be used without any cost or risk. You just need to accumulate a yield dividend.

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