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Rehabilitation aired in Congress, ‘historic intervention’ – Politics

The national restoration and recovery plan has been sent to the Meeting Rooms according to Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s contact information, scheduled for tomorrow. Text, consisting of 337 pages, is displayed on the Montecitorio website.

“This is an epochal intervention, aimed at repairing the economic and social damage of the pandemic crisis, helping to address the structural weaknesses of the Italian economy and accompanying them. Together with the country on the path of ecological and environmental transformation. Women, the youth and the South plan to benefit from and fundamentally contribute to promoting social inclusion and reducing territorial gaps “. This is what we read in Palazzo Chigi’s press release on the National Recovery and Recovery Plan.

“The administration of the Plan defines the direct responsibility of ministries and local authorities for implementing investments and reforms within agreed timeframes, and for regular, accurate and effective management. results of resources – read Palazzo Chigi press release on the Restoration Plan – An important role is expected for the local government, responsible for investments over € 87 billion. and Finance tracks and monitors the progress of reforms and investments and acts as a single liaison point with the European Commission. “

“The NRP’s fourth mission,” Education and Research “, allocates a total of 31.9 billion euros – of which 30.9 billion from the Restoration and Recovery Facility and 1 billion from the Fund. is to strengthen education system, digital and Palazzo Chigi explain technical science skills, research and technology transfer. “Planning to invest in kindergartens, kindergartens, educational services and care. children. It creates 152,000 study spaces for children under 3 years old and 76,000 seats for children 3 to 6 years old. The government invested in rehabilitation of the structure of school buildings, with the aim of renovating a total area of ​​2.4 million square meters. In addition, it is expected that directional reforms, doctoral programs and degree courses, for example by updating doctoral disciplines and adding approximately 3,000 units, are expected. Career education is developed and research and technology transfer chains are strengthened, ”explained the press release.

The “Green Revolution and Ecological Transformation” mission allocates a total of 68.6 billion – of which 59.3 billion from the Restoration and Recovery Facility and 9.3 billion from the Fund. So a note from Palazzo Chigi after sending the Restoration Plan to the Rooms. Plans plan to “invest and reform for the recirculating economy and waste management, to achieve ambitious goals such as 65% recycling of plastic waste and 100% recovery in the textile sector.” sewing “. On “water supply infrastructure, with the aim of reducing losses in the drinking water network by 15%”.

“The NRP’s Fifth Mission,” Inclusion and Cohesion “,” allocates a total of 22.4 billion – of which 19.8 billion from Rehabilitation and Recovery Equipment and 2.6 billion from the Fund. Its aim is to facilitate entry into the labor market, including through training, to strengthen active labor policies and promote social inclusion. The government invests in developing job centers and female entrepreneurs, with the creation of the “New Women Entrepreneur Fund.” Social services and vulnerability interventions are strengthened, such as municipal interventions to promote autonomy for people with disabilities. Infrastructure investments are planned for Special Economic Zones and urban regeneration interventions for the suburbs of urban cities, he explained.

“NRP’s sixth mandate,” Health “, allocates a total of 18.5 billion, of which 15.6 billion is from Rehabilitation and Recovery Equipment and 2.9 billion from the Fund. Strengthen preventive and medical services in the territory, modernize and digitize the health system and ensure fair access to care, ”explained Palazzo Chigi. “Plans to invest in local support throughout the territory and activate 1,288 community homes and 381 community hospitals. Home care is enhanced to reach 10 percent of the population over 65 years of age, from remote and remote support, with the activation of 602 Territorial Operations Center The Government invested in updating the technology park and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, with the purchase of 3,133 large new equipment, and in hospital infrastructure, for example with adaptive interventions. The plan to strengthen the technology infrastructure to collect, process and analyze data, including him explaining the dissemination of the Profile electronic health.

The first mission, “Digitization, Innovation, Competition, Culture”, allocates a total of 49.2 billion – of which 40.7 billion from Facility of Recovery and Resilience and 8.5 billion words Funds. The goal of the mission is to “accelerate the country’s digital transformation, support production system innovation, and invest in two key areas for Italy: tourism and culture”. The investments envisaged in the plan ensure provision of ultra-wide and fast broadband connections throughout the country. In particular, they provide 1 Gbps connection on fixed networks for about 8.5 million homes and 9,000 schools that are still lacking, while ensuring a full connection to the National Health Service’s 12,000 distribution points. . Italy’s 5G plan is also put in place to strengthen cellular connectivity in failed market areas. The plan provides incentives for the adoption of innovative technologies and digital skills in the private sector, while strengthening the public administration’s digital infrastructure, for example by facilitate migration to the cloud. For tourism and culture, interventions are planned to strengthen historic sites and improve tourist accommodation facilities.

“Judicial reform intervenes in excessively lengthy trial times and intends to reduce the incidence of heavy judicial debt. The plan provides targeted and temporary hiring to remove the burdens of cases. pending and strengthening regulatory and procedural frameworks, such as an increase in the use of mediation procedures and simplified interventions at different levels of the process “, explained in Palazzo Chigi’s press release about the Restoration Plan.

“The NRP helps to reduce the gap between the South and the rest of the country. The overall impact of the NRP on national GDP by 2026 is estimated at about 16 percentage points. For the South, the expected impact is expected. Is about 24 percentage points. ”

“It is plausible that in handing over this money, the EU establishes a serious relationship with countries, this has nothing to do with us. Germany doesn’t, because it doesn’t take that money, partly because it does. There is no our crisis. There the EU sets the criteria and the mechanism, and I’m glad that nowadays Draghi runs, this is good to point out, but negotiation is natural, “said the secretary. Democrats said. Enrico Letta, into ‘In a half hour’, on Rai 3. “It is better that negotiations take place sooner than later”.



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