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Rep. Ritchie Torres, Activist Proposed Building Cross Bronx Highway, Creating A Green Space Above – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) It may be the most hated highway in our area: Cross Bronx, which many consider an unhealthy scar to the landscape.

Now, a proposal is gathering incentives to “seal” highways, creating open spaces and parkland.

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As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reports, it is only a few meters from where people live and children play Cross the Bronx highway, ugly and unhealthy.

“The South Bronx has an asthma hospitalization rate that’s double to three times the citywide average,” says Representative Ritchie Torres.

Torres said it was time to cover up the asphalt scar with a so-called “closure project”.

The video for a similar proposition in Los Angeles gives the idea of ​​the possibilities: The floor will cover the sunken street to create green spaces overhead. Special vents will clean up emissions from vehicles on the newly covered road.

“And it goes through many different filters, including electrostatic filters, and then releases into the atmosphere,” said Peter Muennig of Columbia University.

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It was done on a smaller scale in Dallas and elsewhere. 2.5 miles away, the proposed Bronx would be the largest on the east coast.

The preliminary price for this “limited project” is $ 760 million. That amounted to $ 360 million per mile.

Rep. Torres wants the Biden administration to prioritize the project as part of the proposed US Employment Act.

Community activist David Shuffler said: “The limit allows us to have the opportunity to reconnect our neighborhoods.

Shuffler says it’s impossible to overestimate how this highway has divided and devastated his community. He believes that creating green spaces there will increase health and reduce the incidence of asthma.

“It’s better to keep people from going to the hospital than to have them cured backstage,” he said. “Save.”

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Backers know that will be a long-distance construction grant and fund-securing grant. They are in it a long way.



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