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Reporters Without Borders: Media Stopped In More Than 130 Countries – Chronicles

The “primary vaccine fights misinformation,” the press is currently thwarted in more than 130 countries, warning Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in its annual report, with pandemic impact negative access to news.

73% of the 180 countries rated by NGOs are characterized by situations that are considered “very serious”, “difficult” or “problematic” for the profession. If the proportion of these territories painted in black, red or orange on the world map remains stable compared to last year, there are only 12 out of 180 countries, or 7%, compared to 8% in 2020, shows “good situation”. According to the RSF, a “white zone” “has never” been “so restricted since 2013”.

The pandemic seems to have exacerbated repression in the most ‘gagged’ countries such as Saudi Arabia (at 170 / o) or Syria (173 / a), according to the NGO. government, and has “caused a huge blockade of access to” resources for journalists, “which is only partially justified by health precautions”.

The most ‘virtuous’ remains Norway, which maintains first place for the fifth year in a row ahead of Finland and Sweden, and comes third after a disadvantage by Denmark (4 / a, -1). Germany left the ‘white zone’ (13 / a, -2) “because dozens of journalists were attacked by protesters close to extremist movements and conspiracy in protests against the restrictions. by Covid “.
Europe remains the safest region, but according to the RSF, invasions and arrests of abuse have multiplied, especially in France (34 / a) during protests against the “safe global security “.
Italy is confirmed at position 41 / o. Across the Atlantic, the situation is still “pretty good” in the US (44 / y, +1) “although Donald Trump’s last year in office was characterized by a record number of attacks (close to 400) and journalist arrests (130) “The Red Zone” welcomes Brazil, “where President Bolsonaro has made the mockery of journalists his mark” and remains Russia (150 / a, -1 ) took action “to limit coverage” of “the demonstrations by Alexe├» Navalny Supporters. “In the end, while Africa remains the” most violent “continent for journalists, Burundi (147 / o, +13), Sierra Leone (75 / o, +10) and Mali (99 / o) ) has made some improvements., +9).



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