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Residents at the Daunte Wright protest center feel helpless – CBS New York

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) When the protests took place on Wednesday night in a row in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota following the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, families living nearby were fed up and scared.

Some families living in the apartment complex directly opposite the police station have resorted to placing wet towels in the windows to prevent the tear gas from escaping. It was not working, and the safety and mental health of the children living there are at stake.

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Johnny Tolliver took over the security role for the building, making sure no looters or protesters went through the front door.

“There is nothing we can do. We are truly on the ground with no risk and we are scared here. We don’t know what to do, who to call who, because the police are doing all these things and rioters are doing all these things. Who can we call? “Tolliver said. “These kids will be hurt by what they see and what they hear. They heard these flashes of explosions all night. “

Johnny Tolliver (credit: CBS)

His neighbor, Jamiya Crayton, looks after 11-year-old sisters and has a three-year-old stepdaughter.

“We don’t feel comfortable in our own home. We are coughing all the time. No peace, no noise, all day, every day, ”Crayton said.

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Who is calling for the use of tear gas? Mayor Mike Elliott said the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office was in charge of operations Tuesday night.

“In my opinion, vent is not a humane remedy,” Elliott said.

The Brooklyn Center has banned this practice, but Elliott on Tuesday admitted that Sheriff Dave Hutchinson is ignoring him on the subject.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told WCCO the decisions to use tear gas “were made on a case by case basis to ensure the safety of protesters and police”. Tear gas was used again on Wednesday night.

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Mayor Elliott said the city is working with community organizations to aid residents in the apartments.



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