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Responsibilities of VCFs to Women

84% of the funds have no women in their investment groups and only 4% of the funds have female members.

April 13, 2021

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If you are the founder launch And you are also a woman, this note interests you. Is one women Today is a great privilege and moreover when you culturally, socially and economically break the role stereotypes marked by gender. That is to say, the issues related to equality between men and women and that is, even though we are living in the 21st century, there is still a large gap in topics that cover all cultures and communes. associations and even industries. Venture capital is are not excluded from this issue.

In 2020, startups led by women get only 2.3% of the number risky investment The fund, not just a short number, but as a result of the pandemic, this figure has fallen 0.5% from 2019, which has a global participation rate of 2.8%, according to Crunchbase.

According to Mujeres Investment, 84% of funds have no women in their investment groups and only 4% of funds have female partners. 82% of startups are sponsored by private equity Industry has no female co-founders in their group. Profits from the fund and the company are shown to increase as the diversity of the team increases.

G2 Momentum Capital , an early stage venture capital fund, said that raising capital needs to be fair, there is no difference between men and women but “how good an idea is” “the rider knows how to lead a horse. “From a human perspective, not a man or a woman. However, women should be supported from all aspects to contribute to narrowing the gender gap.

When supporting women-led venture capital projects, they are twice as likely to hire women, which greatly improves their job prospects. A women’s venture fund gives you your chance to succeed and achieve these goals. According to an analysis by Kauffman Fellows, startups with a founder employ 2.5 times more women.

This is accelerated when in the same VC fund there is a woman among its partners, basically, a series of events will be created, for social contributions. That’s why every day initiatives are popping up in the ecosystem working for women, as an entrepreneur or an investor, such as AMEXCAP , who in 2018 established a committee for female investors, because in our country, the proportion of women present in the private equity sector is less than 1% or initiatives like Women Invest, while taking into account the 40+ years of work that has been offered by the Women’s Association of Mexican companies ( AMJJE ).

The venture capital ecosystem should consider increasing these percentages, since everyone wins in this model. Women’s participation in the venture capital industry is on the rise, more and more talented and creative women-run companies are funded, and as a result twice as many women join teams.

If you are the founder, consider that if you develop and lead a company that affects millions of people, you are also working for the women who will achieve your dreams with you.



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