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Retired Doctors: We Pay to Work – Chronicle

“Instead of paying to work, I prefer free business instead of giving up my pension.” This is what Carlo Staudacher, the former head of general surgery at San Raffaele, wrote to the ASL of Melegnano (Milan), one of the many retired doctors who decided to put on his jacket to contribute to the war. vaccination epidemic. However, like many others, he discovered that, based on an amendment to the 2/2021 law enacted on March 12, retired doctors contracted for the vaccination campaign would suspended from retirement, with a provision that Enpam denounced “nonsense”.

Staudacher, 77, the son of Vittorio is considered the father of emergency surgery in Italy, although living in Milan since March, he worked as the vaccination doctor “wherever they sent me, from Trezzo. , go to Melzo, come to Cernusco, work 8 hours a day for 5 people. days, including Saturday and Sunday. ”“ I’m a doctor – he explained to ANSA – I couldn’t stand looking at thousands dead people can do nothing “.
However, Staudacher saw “many colleagues give up” and “many others would do it – he added – because in an anti-epidemic measure they put in place a serious limitation.” not recommended “. She has known Letizia Moratti, Lombardy Regional Welfare Commissioner for many years, “and I contacted her to explain the matter. take time”.
“It is not a matter of money but a matter of dignity. Now I am paid for 44 years of service and I am clearly ready for such an important emergency. But – he concludes -” if i fell ill now i am not aware anything and the difference between the pension and the co.co.co. contract is an amount that the doctor pays the state for vaccinations.


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