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Rhenium Market Size, Share and Global Market Forecast to 2029 | COVID-19 Impact Analysis | DataMIntelligence – Press Releases

Rhenium Market Size, Share and Global Market Forecast to 2029 | COVID-19 Impact Analysis | DataMIntelligence

The Global Rhenium Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 5.0% during the forecasting period (2022-2029).

Market Overview

Rhenium is one of the rarest factors in Earth’s continental crust; its estimated average crustal abundance is much less than 1 element in keeping with billion. The annual world mine manufacturing of rhenium is ready 50 metric lots. During 2016, ores containing 7,600 kilograms of rhenium have been mined at six operations (four in Arizona, and one each in Montana and Utah). The value of rhenium fed on in 2017 turned into approximately 80 million as measured by using the range of imports of rhenium metal and APR.


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Market Outlook

The predicted value of rhenium consumed in 2016 become about 69 million. Consumption of catalyst-grade APR through the petroleum enterprise turned into anticipated to stay at high stages.

Demand for rhenium in the aerospace industry, although more unpredictable, changed into predicted to keep increasing. The principal aerospace businesses, but, have been predicted to keep testing superalloys that include one-half the amount of rhenium used in engine blades as currently designed, in addition to trying out rhenium-free alloys for other engine components.

During 2017, the US persisted to depend on imports for tons of its delivery of rhenium. Canada, Chile, Germany, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Korea supplied the maximum of the imported rhenium. Rhenium imports for intake elevated by using 7% from the ones of 2016.

Primary rhenium manufacturing in the United States remained genuinely unchanged in comparison with that in 2016. A new molybdenum processing plant in Chile shipped its first molybdenum concentrate inside the fourth area of 2016.

The plant could produce sixteen,500 lots in line with the year of molybdenum trioxide and 8,000 kilograms of rhenium in step with year. Germany and the USA persevered to be the main secondary rhenium manufacturers. Secondary rhenium manufacturing also came about in Canada, Estonia, France, Japan, Poland, and Russia.


Market Segmentation

By Application

l Super Alloys

l Catalysts

l Others


By End-user

l Electrical and Electronic manufacturing Devices

l Medical Types of equipment

l Others


By Region

l Asia Pacific

l Europe

l North America

l South America

l Rest of the World


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Competitive Landscape

Some major Companies are Rhenium Alloys, KGH, Molymet, Ultramet, H Cross Company, American Elements and others.


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