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Royal Funeral: Prince Philip has rested at Windsor | UK News

Prince Philip was laid to rest in a mourning ceremony honoring his life serving the UK, crowned with the crown and his 73-year-old wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

The widowed king of England, setting an example in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, sat alone at Saturday’s service, dressed in black and bowed in prayer.

Her family said Death of Prince Philip on April 9 at the age of 99, leaving a “big void” in the queen’s life, taking her away from the man she called “strength and staying”.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been honored at Windsor Castle in a service that bears a strong military and royal tradition but is also calm and bold with his own personality.

The entire royal procession and funeral takes place out of public view on the castle grounds, a 950-year-old royal residence 30km (20 miles) west of London, but was shown live on the transmission. Figure.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, attended the funeral [Yui Mok/Pool via Reuters]

Coronavirus’s restrictions meant that instead of the 800 mourners envisaged in Philip’s long-term plan for funerals, only 30 were allowed inside the castle’s St George’s Chapel, including women. Hoang, her 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Prince Charles, heir to the throne, sits across from the king with his wife, Camilla.

Prince Andrew sits two seats to the left of the queen. Prince William and his wife, Kate, sit right across from his brother Prince Harry, who has returned from California without his pregnant wife Meghan.

Divide heritage

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker, reporting from Windsor, said: “We know that because of the pandemic, this will be an equal competition, but it’s still very, very strong from start to finish.”

He also said that the prince is one divisive character.

He said: “For some of his thrown away comments he was seen as racist, sexist and a little out of the way of modern England’s sentiments.

“He was very much like a man of his own time, a man of the 1940s and 50s, but at the same time, he was steadfastly by the side of the British king for a very long time. Thus, he will be remembered as the embodiment of the very fabric of meaning being British, ”he said.

Prince Philip’s coffin on the Land Rover Defender he helped with the design [Gareth Fuller/Pool via Reuters]

Minutes of silence

People across the UK watched a minute of silence in tribute to Philip just before the funeral began.

Some locals had previously stopped outside the castle to leave flowers, but the majority of the residents heeded the request of the police and the palace did not gather due to the pandemic.

Philip’s coffin was taken to the chapel in a specially modified Land Rover designed by the prince himself.

The coffin is draped to individual standards and is wearing a Royal Navy hat, sword and wreath.

For the procession, high-ranking military commanders line up in front of the vehicle.

Philip and the queen’s children – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – walked behind the funeral, while the 94-year-old queen went to the chapel by Bentley.

Royal members followed the funeral car [Adrian Dennis/Pool via Reuters]

Prince William and Prince Harry’s nephews also walk behind the coffin even though they are not together.

The two brothers, their relationship has become strained as Harry decides give up royal duties and moved to California, side by side with cousin Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne.

Later, the two brothers were seen walking together and chatting as the funerals left the chapel after the ceremony.

Military relations

The funeral reflected Philip’s military ties as the ceremonial commander of many units and as a veteran.

More than 700 soldiers participated, including military bands, Royal Marines and an honor guard, drawn from across the armed forces.

Inside the Gothic chapel, which has held royal weddings and funerals for centuries, the service was simple and murky.

The ceremony began with Canterbury Archbishop Justin Welby entering the chapel in front of the coffin, followed by Philip’s children and three of his eight grandchildren, as a four-member choir, Far away from society sang “I am the resurrection and the life”.

There are no sermons, at Philip’s request, and no eulogy or family readings, consistent with royal tradition.

Philip was placed in the cellar with the remains of 24 other royals, including the three kings of England. But it most likely won’t be his resting place.

Following the queen’s death, she and Philip are scheduled to be buried at the Royal Burial Site on Frogmore Estate near Windsor Castle.

Members of the royal family attend the funeral of Prince Philip of England at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle [Yui Mok/Pool via Reuters]

Philip was born the prince of Greece and Denmark and, like the queen, is related to a European royal class.

“He’s a character, an absolute character,” Jenny Jeeves told The Associated Press as she looked at the floral tributes at Windsor.

“He’s fun, he’s funny. Yes, he did a couple of taunts, but it really depends on how you do it. Just a great husband, father and grandfather, and a good example for all of us.

Ieuan Jones, 37, came to Windsor from his home in the Welsh capital Cardiff and called Philip “a strong man, a true hero (who) has done a lot for the country and the royal family. this “.

He told the AFP news agency: “It is really sorry that the epidemic is that we cannot give our more generous gratitude to this outstanding man.



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