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Rugby: Has the first Italian referee in the men’s top competition – Sport

A breakthrough in rugby when female referees make it to the Top 10 Peroni, the highest flight path of the rugby ball.
In fact, Clara Munarini will be the first Italian referee to make his debut in the men’s top division, refereing the 16th round match between Viadana and HBS Colorno at “Zaffanella” in Viadana on Saturday.
Munarini, 31 years old from Parma, an international referee, after being forced to give up on the first day of the Six Nations Women weekend by Covid-19 aggression last weekend, then wrote a page in history. of the rugby movement by joining Irish international colleague Joy Neville, who in 2017 took the first steps in a career that would have brought her to the top of refereeing by directing meeting between UR Capitolina and Cavalieri Prato in Rome.
“It was a great satisfaction and honor to be able to run my first game on top of the flight,” commented Munarini -.
I hope that my debut is just the debut of many other girls, and so other colleagues can join me soon. I want to thank the designers for the trust they have placed in me. “
The women’s turning point in the Top 10 will also be witnessed by again in the round of 16 match, another Italian international Maria Beatrice Benvenuti will be the ‘fourth man’ at Valorugby Emilia-Fiamme Oro, in when Beatrice Smussi will take on a similar role in Femi Cz Rovigo-Sitav Lyons. (HANDLING).


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