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Ryanair launches 26 new routes this summer with more flights to Greece and Spain starting from £ 19.99

RYANAIR has launched 26 new routes for the summer with destinations in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Although overseas vacations still can’t continue, the airline said the UK is “on its way” to resume vacations to Europe this year.


Ryanair will roll out 26 new routes for the summerCredit: Alamy

The new routes include 2,300 weekly flights to the Corfu and Santorini destinations in Greece, as well as to islands in Spain.

They also have city-breaking flights with popular destinations including Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Rome and Venice.

To commemorate, fares are on sale from just £ 19.99 on flights to October, but you have to book by March 28 to take advantage.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, said: “The UK government has implemented a very successful vaccine implementation program and is on track to reopen EU short-haul tours this summer.

“Families in the UK can now safely book a big-money summer vacation knowing that if their plans change for whatever reason, they can reschedule their departure. double with the same fee until the end of October 2021 “

The airline is optimistic that vacations to Europe will take place before the summer


The airline is optimistic that vacations to Europe will take place before the summerCredit: Reuters

The government’s Global Travel Task Force will announce next month when an overseas trip can resume.

But Isolation– most European countries may not be allowed a free holiday until the end of August or September – although no final decision has been made yet.

Professor Neil Ferguson says that vacations should go first when all persons over 50 years of age are vaccinated, it will be the end of summer.

Dr Mike Tildesley said that allowing tourists to flock abroad could “jeopardize” the UK’s immunization campaign and to Covid Variations in.

He say: “I think international travel this summer, for the casual vacationers, sadly, I think extremely unlikely.”

New travel rules will enforce a £ 5,000 fine to anyone Trying to leave the country for a vacation from Monday.

Brits must also fill out the form if they are want to leave the country, state their allowed reasons for doing so, or they will face a £ 200 fine if they don’t have the right papers.

We have explained that Holiday destinations can be returned on the card for the summer depending on the Covid case and vaccine deployment.

Destinations in Europe that led the vaccine rollout were Malta and Cyprus, albeit much further away UK gave the first blow to 41% population.

There are no days off until at least fall because the South African variant threatens Covid jab to roll out, Professor Lockdown warns



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