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Sam on The New Abnormal (again)

Sam on The New Abnormal (again)

October 2, 2020, 8:57 pm by Sam Wang

Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson have invited me back on their podcast, New Extraordinary! Glad they got me back. Molly is completely cheerful, and very disrespectful. Of course, we talked about the elections, focusing on Moneyball 2020.

Many of you are focusing on the Senate (which is leaning towards the Democrats, thanks Alaska and Kansas), but please pay attention Moneyball redistribution also. More than 90 seats in the House of Representatives can be redistributed bipartisan – more than a fifth of the seats in 10 years. It is as important as the Senate. I have discussed providing the same optimization, just like we have in the right sidebar.

Listen! Stitchers, apple, and I’m interested in radio, a few of many places.

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