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Scarano-Liberati, if separation becomes revenge – Tv

“The first part is almost a tribute to Kramer against Kramer. There was a huge clash in court and through the intervention of the judge and a social worker, the couple was investigated. We explain what. What happens when the arrival of a child causes two families to clash “. So, explaining to the young and talented creator of the small three-part series Giacomo Bendotti, Call Me Again Love, comes on Rai1 with the beautiful direction of Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, from Monday Day May 3 (first two episodes previewed on RaiPlay from April 26). Produced by Indigo Film and RaiFiction. Anna (Greta Scarano) and Enrico (Simone Liberati) They really love each other. Now they hate each other. At home she felt claustrophobic, she had packed, he begged her to stay because he had a surprise party for her, brought the whole family together. The last play, but it will be a nightmare. After eleven years of living together and having a child, they split up. The separation turned into a custody war, with the result of social worker, as good as the two main characters, Claudia Pandolfi Must intervene to evaluate their parenting capacity.

How is it that a very close couple can take revenge by making use of all they know about each other, because they fully understand each other? The film also stars Giorgio Colangeli, Silvia Gallerano and Elisabetta De Vito. Tavarelli explained: “Reading the story, I felt a wonderful fact, I wanted the camera to simply and naturally track the main characters, that the viewers were always with and with them. Hey, there’s almost no camera movement in the movie, trolleys, cameras are always by hand, we use more of them to continuously track actors like in documentaries. The light is never filtered, which is very natural. I avoid any kind of rotation that could cause the feeling of over-pretense. ”Greta Scarano recently appeared in the last Montalbano (she split fans for making Commissioner Vigata lose his head – Luca Zingaretti) and in ‘Speravo de Mori’ prima ‘as Ilay Blasi, she said: “Step on your heels Anna, mom, I don’t, but I know the Certain loneliness of women who have given up certain dreams is not necessarily tied to the emotional realm. Mom is a woman away from me. I didn’t want to have children, I chose to focus on my studies and career, she gave up on being a doctor. We work to be more realistic, have a very close relationship with the crew. It’s a small thing, even a common one, because we know couples are in crisis, so are we. ” Here the couple “are placed under a magnifying glass, hidden secrets that we hope the public to discover. Perhaps Anna also wanted to be satisfied”. This series “affirms me that the burden of being a mother is heavy. We have seen that in the past year as well.” “One day I want to raise someone, I am 34 years old, it has less fear of me than before, I think it would be good to adopt a child. Regarding her career, she is satisfied: “The only wealth is the illusion that the things you do with your commitment and passion are recognized, I want to make a movie as a director”. Neither of the protagonists believe in a soul mate, but in the sentiment created between humans and that we must be in a couple that doesn’t give up on dreams, and “probably shouldn’t have dramatized. certain situations “. For Simone Liberati, Enrico, Anna’s husband (on Gabriele Muccino’s A casa tutti Bene ‘set, restarting the blockbuster of the same name) Call me still love wants to “touch the souls of those who don’t have spouses, people without children, of people without a partner It carries a message that may be of value to all of us, that is the need to accept mistakes as one. part of the experience that we often define “life”. Another important theme that Call Me Again Love explored was family, whole, married couples, motherhood, and even abortion. “It is important to know how in a country that is supposed to be civilized – there is a winding way to get the RU-486 pill. We’re in a country where women with children stop working,” said Bendotti. , while women are still going ahead. Have children at a crossroads or do school work? ”Calling me again love is a story of love,“ torn and hurt, love turns into enemies hatred, a family’s crisis, the need to be reconciled “as stated by director Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati



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