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School: from tomorrow at least 7.6 million in class – Chronicles

From tomorrow, at least 7.6 million students will be in the classroom, equaling 89.5% of the school population. The difference relates to high schools but in any case there will be a significant increase from 6 million and 850 thousand students (80.5%) at school in the coming week.

The latest government provision stipulates that in the yellow and orange areas, all elementary and junior high school students will sit in school seats from tomorrow, while for high schools, billions presence of at least 70% and maximum of 100%. In the red zone, they will all be present until eighth grade, while in high school, classroom activity will take place at least 50%. The problem that many high school principals complain about is being able to regulate the presence of at least 20-25 children in the classroom (in some cases, especially in large cities, numbers are even higher). classes are taller and classes are typically small) with Science-Technical Committee rules for distance adjustments and with safety protocols that have been signed in recent months.

In Naples, for example, not all high schools will bring nearly all students back into class; some high schools have decided to keep 50 percent of their students in school. The decision is made based on an ordinance issued by the Regional President, Vincenzo De Luca, which allows school administrators to achieve 50% of present teaching ” if the application of the guidelines of the Department Decree growth number 39 / is not compatible 2020 ”.


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