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School, principal: ‘Stop at 1m or we will not return to 100% in September’ – Chronicle

“Space in school is what they have. So in September if you want to get back to all the students you will have to remove the one meter limit for long distances, otherwise you won’t be able to go back to 100. %”, I said. President of the National Association of Principals, Antonello Giannelli, in an interview with InBlu2000. Giannelli emphasized that the decision to let the kids return to class five weeks before the end of the school year is “a political choice made in mind the pros and cons” and “symbolic value. we all hope that by September you can gain herd immunity ”.

The second word At least 7.6 million students will be in the classroom, 89.5% of the total. Based on the capacity of the schools and the “colors” of the Regions, the number of students attending at all levels will count toward a “fork” of between 7.6 and 8.5 million.

Class sizes can fluctuate – according to Tuttoscuola estimates – from 7,611,372 to 8,506,765, which is between 89.5% and 100% of all students in private and state schools.

The difference regarding the high schools. There will be a significant increase from 6,850,000 students (80.5%) coming to school this week.

There is no common or equal profit for all, except for 5.7 million kindergarten and primary and lower secondary students who can attend school, of which 106 thousand are 2 / o and 3. / o year high school red areas this week are still in Dad. On the other hand, for 2.8 million high school students, the associated variables, between any of the red areas and the decisions of individual schools, are numerous. However, it is possible to estimate the minimum and maximum number of high school students who will be present from 26 onwards. Specifically, Tuttoscuola estimates that there could be at most everyone in attendance (2.8 million) and without a father (unlikely hypothesis) or a minimum of one million 899 thousand high school students in school and 895. thousand alternately in Dad. The difference between these extremes depends on the equipment contained in a decree issued by the Council of Ministers, which states that from April 26 and through the school year 2020-2021, the implementation of the epidemic Education services are guaranteed throughout the country. preschool, kindergarten, elementary (elementary), middle school (junior high) and, for at least 50 percent of students, high school (high school, technical academy, etc.) .

In the red zone, direct instruction is guaranteed for up to 75% of the students and the ability to perform live operations is guaranteed if the use of laboratories is necessary or to maintain. A nurturing relationship that effectively engages the school of students with disabilities and special education needs. In the yellow and orange zones, face-to-face operation is guaranteed for at least 70 percent of students, up to 100 percent. Tuttoscuola tested the minimum hypotheses: a) Confirming the red areas of Sardinia, Puglia and Valle d’Aosta and others in the yellow or orange zones: 142,654 (50%) in the red areas and numbers similarly in DAD 1,756. 390 (70%) in other areas and 752,738 in DAD. Total available 1,899,044 and 895,393 DAD. b) No red zone: there are 1,956,106 (70%) and in DAD 838,331. However, the difference will be only about 57 thousand or less, according to the new estimates of the specialized journal. Starting with these two hypotheses, we can go back to the (theoretical) maximum of nearly 2.8 million high school students in school. Therefore, starting Monday, April 26, the student attendance at all grade levels can range from 7,611,372 to 8,506,765, which is from 89.5% to 100% at full. student set of public and private schools.

“The change of the Council of Ministers in an agreement signed by the Regional Conference with the cities through Anci and with the provinces through Upi” on the student’s presence at school is “a money the rate is very serious “ Regional Conference President Massimiliano Fedriga told KissKiss Radio it had “broken the real cooperative relationship between the State and the regions”, claiming that the agreements could be changed but “convened. to those who made those deals. ” Fedriga therefore announced the convening of an extraordinary session of the Regional Conference today. Fedriga explains that in order to respect the “60 to 100 percent” school attendance rate, 15,000 to 20,000 more buses will be needed, so it’s not a “political choice but a physical limit”, a fact. reality is “regardless of political sensitivity”. Fedriga added to Radio KissKiss, changing this “an agreement signed between organizations sets a very serious precedent, I believe it never happened”.

On face-to-face teaching “the required areas start at 60% and in this sense we have reached an agreement. The Draghi Council Chairman asked for more effort, he set the minimum target high. to try to make people better, every day. It would say 70% in the decree: but we wouldn’t put anyone at risk. If it is not possible to secure these quotas, it may be violated by the regions and local governments. We are working to find the right venue. ” So Mariastella Gelmini, minister in charge of regional and military affairs, during the “Iceberg” recording, airing tonight on Telelombardia.

New government rules make it possible to lecture in university classrooms. The Italian University Rector’s Conference (Crui) “especially feels a responsibility to bring teaching back to the fore and open classes, libraries and laboratories for female students”. So today Crui started its re-entry plan for the next few months, also to cater to the exams and graduation exams. Principals “believe it is important that this return, albeit partially and gradually, accompany our campus life towards the next school year and a new normal”.



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