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Scientology: Conflict between the integrity of German judiciary and prejudiced bureaucracy

Certain German political and administrative divisions have an indisputable approach to religious freedom that has existed for the past 30 years and continues to exist as a sore wound in German society.

The latest ruling of the State Administrative Appeal Court of Baden-Wurttenberg best illustrates this.

The incident involved a skilled electrical technician, who worked in safe areas of German and European airports for many years, with undisputed behavior and contributing to the security of that airport, who happened to consider the Science of Religion to be his religion.

He did not disseminate Science in his workplace nor engage in any other suspicious behavior but for unknown reasons, his Sciences membership was granted by the Agency. The State Aviation Traffic Security informs the State Constitutional Protection Agency. This is enough for him to be labeled “unreliable” for no other reason than his enduring religious beliefs. As a result, he lost his job and decided to sue the state for unfair dismissal.

The first instance verdict before the Stuttgart Administrative Court claimed that he was unfairly fired. The state appealed the decision to the Administrative Court of Appeal of Baden Wurttemberg, which, in a decision, set out 4order March 2021, thus dismissing an appeal that says no wrongdoing not by the plaintiff himself or the Science Education FoundationAnd Science membership does not forward anti-constitutional efforts.

Respect for the German courts, but shame to the state agencies for causing this. Is this an isolated incident, perhaps, it can be brought down to the level of temporary distraction, but it is not. For more than 20 years, Scientology has been the target of state agencies.

A far-reaching result of this is the plethora of examples in which different government agencies require people who work for the government or private companies to contract with public agencies to sign. a statement that they are not members of the Science Church, nor will they work or be affiliated with members of the church. If you do not sign the statement, you will not receive the job or the company will not be able to enter into government sponsored contracts. Even though these statements have been canceled by some courts, they are still being implemented.

In fact, there are many documented cases of this. The lower part of the state encourages these practices – certainly not all sectors, but at least a significant number maintains a wall of discrimination against members of society solely out of beliefs. their religion.

Scientists have been forced to go to court to fight for their right to practice religion. Government agencies have consistently tried to attribute the practice of Science as irreligious, but again and again, in dozens of trials over the past 35 years, Science has won one case after another. affirms that the practice of Science is a true religion. trust. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things is the decision in Kruger v. State of Hamburg, where the Hamburg State Administrative Appeals Court in 2004 argued that Scientists could claim to defend Article 4 of the Basic Law of Germany, to protect freedom of religion or belief.

Kruger The decision becomes final when the Federal Supreme Administrative Court on December 15, 2005, upholds that, making it clear that Science is a true religion and is based on facts, ” admonition of the defendant, that the decision to be appealed will be based on a Misinterpretation of these terms because of L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings about the entire world as well as the origin and purpose of my life people will lack elements in the meaning of transcendent or intrinsic relationships, which are unfounded ”.

It cannot be a sign of a healthy democracy that has been on for so long. It was certainly a symptom of a disease that had to be eliminated before the body could get rid of its cancer. State surgeons, here on the court, and thanks to them, have been cured – but how long must this go on?

And don’t let us Europeans try to sweep these dirty clothes under the rug (to mix metaphors). After all, if we are the proclaimers of democracy, let such an illness continue, we are in a weak moral position to make claims about others.

For the sake of transparency, I have to declare my self-interest here. I am a scientist. I openly declare it! I am also the director of an interfaith group in the UK with members from many religions. This group is the national member body of the UK Network of Religions supported by the UK government and is a group comprising interreligious activities across the UK. I also have first-hand experience with the degree of discrimination in Germany and so I know what I’m talking about.

Of course, my religion doesn’t matter, either Christians who write about discrimination against Christians around the world or Jews opposing the hate crimes of Jews will also. can not speak up. But if I were living in Germany, I might be fired and punished for stating the above.

Surely the time has come for the entrenched political influence and the utterly unscrupulous actions of the State Security Agency to be even more forcefully placed under the microscope by the international community – certainly by the European nations. The other European Union and the European Union in particular where there are claims of violation of religious freedom around the world are made in a completely correct manner by a series of Special Envoys for Freedom of Religion or Belief and Who was appointed but for various reasons refused to talk about discrimination issues close to home.



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