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Season upstream of 2021: An astrologer says what will happen

For for a few months now, we, as a planet, have enjoyed it life is not upstreambut those sails are about to change with real upstream Season of the year 2021 upon us. On April 27, Pluto stations go upstream (until October 6), followed by upstream Saturn (May 23 to October 11), upstream Mercury (May 30 to 23 6), Jupiter upstream (June 20 to October 18), and Neptune upstream (June 25 to December 10). If you’re watching, there will be a moment in that window when the four planets will reverse once. But this doesn’t mean you should give up in 2021. Actually, according to Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of Whole set of dreams, There is no need to worry about several planets being reversed at the same time.

“This is normal and often has an overlap of retrograde cycles of social planets – Jupiter and Saturn – and outer planets – like Neptune and Pluto, and a little bit Also Uranus, ”said Gailing. “Although they all start and end at different times, most of the time in the summer these planets move in reverse together. It is not out of the ordinary. Usually, Mercury joins the mix, just like this year. “

While she holds her stance noting that the 2021 upstream season isn’t particularly troubling, Gailing actually has a suggestion to get the best out of the time: Focus on planetary stations, those are date around when a planet is rotated or rotated directly. “It is thought that the prototypes related to this planet are quite loud in the collective [in that moment]”Gailing said. “So, for example, on days around Saturn going upstream or directly, we should really pay attention to the strength of the foundation, the importance of diligence and coloring in straight lines, “Why is Saturn’s planet maturity, responsibility and discipline.

With that in mind, here are three day navigation tips that Gailing recommends to get through the summer reverse season of 2021 with ease.

According to an astrologer, you need to keep in mind 3 time frames to get through the summer retrograde period of 2021 with ease.

1. The retrograde Mercury occurs from May 30 to June 23

The planets within the backup, such as Venus, Mars and Mercury, are important times for slow motion and mindfulness practice. “We are so used to being in ‘go, go, go’ mode that the reverse cycle of these individual planets can be challenging if we don’t change the way we approach everything above. the world, “Gailing.” To make the most of these stages – and avoid possible stress – it’s important to do as the planets do and go back to the territory you went through. Mercury is upstream, you go back to communication and conversation, using the opportunity to see things from a different angle… you’d better not push with something new. need to launch something, consider that you are still in beta mode Gather insights and feedback that you can use to boost your creativity after the planets move direct direction. “

2. Jupiter turns backwards on June 20, Mercury turns backwards on June 22, and Neptune turns around on June 25

Here we have a lot of planets that are making big moves at the same time, so we want to pay the price for the clash. “This could be a period when there is a wave of media or information release, but it can get us confused,” says Gailing. “That said, it could be a great time for mysticism and the arts.”

3. Pluto rotates directly on October 6 and Saturn rotates live on October 10

“This can be a powerful moment where we experience limitations and the need to give up things that have expired and this may remind us of some of the reconstruction and reconstruction work that they do. I did it in 2020, ”said Gailing.

Ultimately, the retrograde cycle is not something to be afraid of, but is accepted as it is helpful to facilitate growth from the “power of pause”, as Gailing put it. When we take time to think, we gain access to details that might have been missed. That is the last thing that will help us move forward.

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