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Serie A: The battle between the Scudetto and Champions, the final sprint – Sport

Small steps towards the Scudetto. Even Antonio Conte, an unusual smile, felt that there was no need to raise his voice anymore. Inter are missing eight points out of the 18 available points, but three would have been better if they pocketed them on Sunday at the San Siro with a loss to Verona. And the Nerazzurri seemed to be the best-playing team from the Super League defeat. Serie A’s real interest, however, is focused on the fierce battle for the remaining three Champions League spots. Roma took off, with their lead already at Manchester, Milan still at 66 points, Atalanta and Juve at 65, Naples at 63 and, more secluded, Lazio at 58 with a match to recover. After the defeat with Sassuolo, Milan were in danger because they had to meet Juve and Atalanta, but it was the first slippery hurdle: on Monday, the Rossoneri played at Olimpico against Lazio, who could only win to continue. keep running. . Three other candidates are also strictly forbidden to spurn the opponent. Juve took part in a regular solo match against Fiorentina, the team that defeated them in the first leg. Atalanta will not cover the red carpet when receiving a solid team, though alternating, like Bologna. The strongest team, Napoli, will play at home with Toro, who is in positive form, but salvation still needs to be strengthened. Cagliari, coming from two wins but still three points behind the closest host, Roma, is preparing for the matches of the year for the Europa League semi-finals. But Giallorossi can’t be too distracted as Sassuolo, currently at -6, is marching at a fast pace and will have a sparkling challenge with Ranieri’s brilliant Sampdoria.

The rest have to do with the safety zone, with Parma-Crotone it looks like a sad parting between the two teams is only one step away from relegation. Genoa and Spezia are looking for points and Inzaghi’s Benevento has a so relaxed Udinese that loses the last 4/5 matches. Lukaku and Lautaro prepare to attack Verona. Inter have all agreed on the legitimacy of his success. Juric will try to groom her slightly dull group. Dangerous crossroads for Milan: Ibra has renewed his contract but is under suspicion at Olimpico. Lazio also came on the pitch during the big game (equally in no favor to anyone) with Luis Alberto and Immobile uncertain. After the easy success against Parma, the focus is on Juve, what must the team do without the Church and have Ronaldo from two matches with a small tone. The stumbling block this time is Vlahovic’s Fiorentina and Ribery to find salvation points. Agnelli’s exposure to the canceled Super League project could have consequences for the performance of a team in critical need to win the Champions League. Gasperini’s Atalanta seemed to have little difficulty achieving this goal, who just accidentally failed to get 3 points at Olimpico and Mihajlovic’s win over Bologna. There is only confusion in the choice of attack for Gattuso, who has been trying to enhance the qualities of Insigne, Lozano, Osimhen, Politano and Mertens by directing a Napoli, which have been a success of three away teams. before if he succeeds in the business of winning with Torino, spurred by the race to be saved. Fonseca hopes to revive Smalling and Spinazzola in Cagliari, during dressing training sessions against Manchester, where he can also present El Shaarawy and Kumbulla. Space for Mayoral, Diawara and Mirante to fend off Cagliari’s desperate attack, without the previous Nainggolan. Good match and last many expected goals between Sassuolo and Sampdoria, 8th and 9th on the standings: De Zerbi polished his gem as Raspadori, Ranieri put Quagliarella on the bench, ready to kick off cascade of his intact qualities in case of need.



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