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Serie A Women’s Football and Facebook – Chronicles

Women’s football is such a growing phenomenon that it attracts the growing interest of fans, sponsors and television. On this topic, Google returned 62.4 million results and according to FIGC, the match between Juventus Women and ACF Fiorentina Feminine on October 11 had an average of 135,000 viewers, which is the highest number on record. this season.

To understand how the post-World Cup 2019 boom in France has affected people, ANSA and DataMediaHub analyzed the Facebook presence of the current 12 women’s Serie A championship teams.

For all participating teams, except for Milan which doesn’t have its own fan page but only the global page, the performance from the beginning of the championship, from 22 Aug 2020 to the Sunday last week 4 May 4, has been analyzed. On average, 11 teams analyzed a total of 23,788 followers.

18.7% increase. The team with the highest number of followers is Napoli Female with 43,350 followers. 10.8% increase. Followed by Juventus Women with 41,336 followers (+ 15.2%) and ACF Fiorentina Female with 34,421 followers (+ 10.7%). San Marino Academy closed the rankings with 2,399 followers (+ 58%).

On the seventeenth day of the championship, out of the twenty-two played, he led the Juventus Women against Milan and Sassuolo, but the Turin team, behind Inter, were the team that posted the least on Facebook: just a 0 average, 17 posts per day or one post every five days or so. Fiorentina posted more than four content on average daily. Rome and Naples watched her. If Fiorentina is in third place in terms of number of followers, then instead, Fiorentina leads the rankings by number of interactions (total likes + other “reactions” + comments + shares). In contrast, Juventus has the highest participation rate of the match: 4.22%.

The Juventus Post reported the most participation since January 10, 2021 when the team won the super cup. Likes accounted for 81.8% of all interactions during the reviewed time period, followed by the ‘Love’ emoticon which accounted for 8.4% of all interactions. The third most done interaction by people on the Juventus team fanpage is sharing: 5.9% of the total. Ultimately, if Milan in their current state don’t believe they have a dedicated social presence for their women’s team, the other Milanese aren’t doing any better. In fact, despite taking 4th place in terms of followers, Inter is the team that posts the least amount of content and, therefore, also has the lowest number of engagements. The reason was quickly explained.

Inter Milan Women’s Asd no longer exists on Facebook, having sold the sports championship to FC Internazionale, as they communicated in their final post on August 31, 2020. In short, the other Milanese were just as well. focus your efforts on the men’s team. A short-sighted choice suggests that, even if the current numbers are relatively modest, there is certainly plenty of room for future growth. And the FIGC Feminine Facebook page has also seen its followers increase 63.6% and have 188 thousand interactions since the beginning of the championship until today. While the fanpage of the National Women’s Football Team only had less than 88,000 followers and more than 245,000 interactions during this period.



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