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Seyfried, dreams of becoming a diva of Hollywood’s golden age – Cinema

For Amanda Seyfried, an actress who loves diversity between genres and replacing good girl roles with more disturbing characters, bringing the face of Marion Davies, star of the golden era of Hollywood in David Fincher’s Mank, “was a dream. I never thought so. I might have this chance.
Even considering that I grew up between dumb and black and white movies. My father was a true movie enthusiast and today he still has a basement filled with movies and projectors. “J. Mankiewicz (played by Gary Oldman), screenwriter (with or without Orson Welles director’s contribution, well written, is the knot at the heart of the plot) of a foundation of film history. sent by Fincher to Father Jack (who died in 2003), the author of the script Mank, came to the Oscars with 10 nominations, including one for Amanda Seyfried (here is the first First), arguably the most beloved of the five supporting actresses. “As soon as David told me about the project, I understood that it would be a masterpiece. It’s an honor to see him work and contribute to a filming the style of those years, “said Mean Girls and Mamma mia! ‘S translators who debuted showbiz at 11 years old as “I got to know Hollywood through the eyes of my father, who especially loved Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton – he added -” explained a child model. The first film of that era that he showed me was Nosferatu. “For Amanda Seyfried, among Mank’s merits, there is the return of her appearance worthy to Marion Davies, the actress and companion of press tycoon William Randolph Hearst, an inspiration for Fourth film Real Estate Charles Foster Kane.
“Marion is collateral lost from Fourth Estate.
Mankiewicz drew inspiration for the script from the couple’s acquaintances and Davies, who is widely remembered as only a lover of Hearst, began, erroneously, identified with the character in the film. by Welles, the incompetent actress Susan Alexander Kane. .. That is a very unfair thing. “People who know Marion Davies” all know that Welles’ character is a caricature, and he doesn’t have much in common with her – Amanda Seyfried said -. Marion certainly has more opportunities to break into Hollywood thanks to Hearst, but she is also highly regarded in the business sector. He did a remarkable job. I don’t think it was Hearst who bought her career, a lot of people consider her to be very talented and I am one of them. I learned a lot from her. He’s excellent, he has a wide range as opposed to what some people think. “Mank” shows that from this perspective and it’s time to do it. It is like giving her a new breath, the film has helped clarify and revive her legacy ”.
Also because “being an actress in those years was much more difficult than it is today, the inequality is so great, I don’t think I’ll ever resist. I’m lucky to be in 2021 though. today commitment and work are the foundation “.
Marion Davies then demonstrated how outstanding she was even when she left Hollywood, taking good care of her investments and supporting various charities for children that she had. donated more than a million dollars. “His relationship with Hearst, in my opinion, has nothing to do with him being too rich. They are in love, there are real feelings between them.” Amanda Seyfried “has never ‘disappeared’ so much in one character”. To get rich Mank, there’s also his alchemy with Gary Oldman: “We’ve worked together before (in Catherine Hardwicke’s sci-fi thriller Little Red Riding Hood, shot in 2011) and this. We have a similar way of working I don’t know if Gary helped me get the Marion role, but I know he said good things about me to David Fincher. that I will thank him for life. “(HANDLING).


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