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Shaping the future – Designing homes for health

Shaping becomes one of the main factors influencing the latest architectural and design trends, wellbeing and health-centric living influencing everything from clothing manufacturing, How gyms work, to how cities are designed. The global movement towards health conscious living and environmental care from vegan to climate change has avoided all day-to-day designs. Health-centric architecture is currently the fastest growing trend in the construction industry and also underpins what luxury home buyers are expecting as an indispensable consideration in home design. their.

The Marylebone Maisonette’s living room in London was designed by Design Haus Liberty. (photo by Jack Hobhouse)

Back to nature
See a home as an escape from the busy everyday life that is fueling the mantra of “less is more” – designers and architects are eliminating the ostentatiousness and desire to give a big statement. Modeling the living space behind quiet sanctuary, with natural tones and sustainable materials evoking a sense of sophistication and simplicity, is becoming a more popular design approach than ever before. .

Dara Huang, Founder of Design Haus Liberty said: “Buyers want natural materials and we are finding more creative and sophisticated ways to express luxury through the use of raw stone, wood. raw and metal ”. “There are many stories to tell about ethically sourced products and this is resonating with homeowners.” Read more about Design Haus Liberty here.

Spa at home
Spa-like water and bathroom features – always with great consideration for luxury home designs – also topped the home buyer’s wish list. Taking cues from the best spas and hotels in the world, designers are incorporating spa-like features into the designs of private residential bathrooms. This includes an open shower cubicle with head-to-toe shower, towel warmer and oversized soaking tub for a comfortable, relaxing and feeling of well-being.

The latest bathroom design trends are reflecting the host’s urge to bring in a spa as soon as they enter their bathrooms, proving that wellness has become a major cultural trend. more like how. A big highlight are bold and sultry bathroom designs that evoke enchanting premium experiences. Abundant health buffs also look for exclusive features like heated or cooled makeup drawers for skincare and aromatherapy with HVAC scents (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning. air).

The heart of the house
High-end living requires frequent entertainment and food. Forbes magazine cite that commercial-grade, appliance-lined kitchen is considered a must-have for luxury property buyers and buyers are expecting no less high-tech kitchen appliances even if they aren’t. Spend a lot of time cooking on your own. And with any well-stocked kitchen, auxiliary space plays an important role – a walk-in pantry can match the size of some kitchens in high-end homes.

Advances in home technology have made the integration of technology into kitchen appliances one of the biggest design trends in 2019, and the automation trend will only continue to grow this year. One-touch taps, programmable refrigerators, automatic wine refrigerators are must-haves for high-end homes where the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. After all, an efficient kitchen can also cook healthy meals for a healthy family.

Room for more info
The largest storage space continues to dominate the home buyer’s requirement list, especially when it comes to dressing rooms. Considered as an extension of the bedroom, the dressing room is a space for storing and displaying high-end apparel and shopping collections. With many companies offering custom wardrobe options that can be tailored to the individual preferences of any homeowner, interior designers are also spending a lot of time customizing the dressing room, too, from light to mirror, like spaces where owners spend a lot of time apart from trying on clothes.

Work (Outside) from Home
Gym sweating doesn’t seem appealing to everyone and it’s no surprise that private fitness facilities in the residential area are one of the popular features to have in one. high-class house. In modern home gyms, technology and a focus on health are equally important, with high-tech equipment and features able to compete or surpass even the offerings of even the most exclusive luxury gyms. Read about how this host did the creative work of a home gym to enjoy the feeling of wellness here.

Good vision is important when doing an extended exercise, such as running on a treadmill. Some luxury home designs take advantage of the picturesque views to bring the scene into the home gym or take the indoor / outdoor approach for natural temperature and fresh air. When space is permissible, saunas and indoor or outdoor pools to relax after a workout can enhance the value of a home in the eyes of health lovers.

Towards the timeless
With the popularity of architectural and interior design images on social media platforms and websites like Pinterest, the host’s design palette is getting smarter than ever. The shift in focus from luxury and ostentation to lasting conscious luxury has been underpinned by the trends in wellness and sustainability in recent years. Homebuyers are moving from artificial materials to simpler, more rudimentary and quality materials.

“Especially the Asian market is changing,” Huang noted of the sensitive shift in design in the East. “Ten years ago, The Upper Building in Hong Kong debuted with panoramic city views, gorgeous bathrooms, photo windows and elegant minimalist interiors. It has an international style that is luxurious and completely timeless and I think the Asian market is re-grasping this and there is a growing desire for homes that feel timeless and stylish. “



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