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‘Shark Tank’ star Rohan Oza says that you must have this quality as an entrepreneur

April 22, 2021

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Everyone thinks success It’s about charisma, sex appeal and getting to know the right person, but what if it has more to do with your energy and your sexually grabbing people’s attention like how? Periodically The Rohan Oza shark, there is some truth to this.

Oza is the owner of some of the most iconic brands in today’s consumer space. Named “Hollywood’s Godfather” Hollywood ReporterOza is a global pioneer in celebrity equity deals and is known for converting disruptive consumer products into household products.

“It’s about connectivity,” says Oza, “You have to be able to connect with people as an entrepreneur. If you get Shark tankSome people come and their product may be trivial, but they connect very well with that they receive a bid. And sometimes we have people who really have a good product, but can’t connect, and the sharks are guaranteed … So whatever you want to call it, connect with people. – whether the energy, the personality, the vibe – it’s all connected. If you connect with people, they will follow you, and if they follow you, you will be successful ”.

Be strong

In the middle of the 12th season, Shark tank are proving that businessmen are the new “rockstars” of this era. The show continued to grow as it aired longer and has generated an almost cult following.

If you’ve done it in TankYou are the real person – this is the real, almost palpable energy that surrounds the program. Each season, more than 35,000 people sign up as program candidates for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pitch with the sharks.

If you think that number is impressive, check out the following:

  • 222 episodes
  • 499 transactions
  • 895 pitches
  • $ 143 million invested

Mine Biztuition, AKA “, ”Tell me that Shark tank will continue to be a huge success because the business world as we know it is changing every day. Leaders are becoming more and more conscious about impact in design, products, partnerships and sustainability.

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Connected in another light

Luckily, I had a great opportunity to Interview with the sharksAnd what I really wanted to know from them was how they knew, apparently, immediately, if they were going to invest – or not.

This is the intangible world of business, where investors rely heavily on intuition, experience, and yes – whether they feel a connection with a person or a product / service or even both. or not. In a conversation with Matt Higgins, a shark and vice president of Miami Dolphins, he said “Business success always begins and ends with people.”

Put all of this into action

In my business intuition workshop, I lead the participants in an activity where we determine when they perceive their intuition or react to fear. Being able to distinguish between two people is very valuable because it allows us to focus more on the connection and the decisions at hand.

Strong leaders make better, faster decisions – like sharks.

Imagine you trust your intuition and connectivity so much that you are known for the saying, “You die with me!” Mr. Wonderful, also known as the Kevin O’Leary shark, will, as soon as he sees someone enter the tank, will they be chewed or swallowed by the shark (especially him).

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One final thought

Connection is the foundation for all people skills Beneficial for us in business: relative, empathy, and teamwork. Connectivity is also the foundation of our decision-making, our intuition, and how well we do business in general.

Like the sharks say, either you have or you don’t.



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