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Shibao Announces Token Presale, Enters Phase Two of its Revolutionary Roadmap – Press Releases

Shibao Announces Token Presale, Enters Phase Two of its Revolutionary Roadmap

Shibao intends to lay the groundwork for a secure investing environment for the BSC community.

Shibao, a decentralized finance asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of its unique Shibao Auto-staking Protocol (SAP), has officially announced the upcoming Presale Offering of its unique BSC-based utility token, $Shibao, which will commence on DxSale. March 30, 2022

Shibao operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain network designed for running smart contract-based applications. Shibao is the ideal community token since it combines meme with utility. With its auto-staking protocol, Shibap hopes to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, where each holder can earn 383,000% APY on their holdings.

Shibo has initiated Phase Two of its roadmap (whitepaper), and with future planned partnerships and marketing efforts, the project is expected to reach new heights after developing the P2E game and initiating NFT minting and staking, completing the final phase of the roadmap.

Presale on DxSale

Shibao presale is expected to be completely whitelisted, only unless the hard cap is not filled. In that case, the public presale will commence on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 06 PM UTC.

Shibao has also announced the launch date of its native token to commence on March 31, 2022, the day after the pre-sale.

Shibao Ecosystem

Shibao is building something unique, something that has the ability to provide everyone with passive revenue as it abandons its quest to become the greatest meme token on BSC. 

Shibao pays out 382,945.41% in the first year, which is comparable to anything in the DeFi market to date. After the first year, the interest rate falls over a predetermined Longterm Interest Cycle duration. Furthermore, the Shibao Protocol rewards each Shibao Token holder every 15 minutes, or 96 times per day, making it the fastest auto-compounding protocol in cryptocurrency.

The major features of Shibao ecosystem and SAP protocol include:

  • Low Risk with the Shibao Insurance Fund (SIF): The Shibao Insurance Fund stores 5% of all trading fees, which helps to sustain and support the staking rewards by ensuring price stability and considerably lowering downside risk.

  • Staking Made Simple and Secure: The Shibao token is always kept in the users’ wallet, therefore it is never given to a third party or centralized authority. All they need to do is buy and keep since they will immediately earn rewards in their own wallet, eliminating the need for any onerous staking methods.

  • Interest Yield with Automatic Payments: Individuals don’t have to worry about having to re-stake their tokens. The interest yield is paid immediately and compounded in user wallets, ensuring that they never miss a payment.

  • Manual Token Lock: Shibao locks tokens in “Shibao Shelter” with every buyback it performs using Shibao Insurance Funds, preventing circulating supply from becoming unmanageable.

  • Treasury: The Treasury assists the SIF in the case of a significant reduction in the price of the $Shibao token. The Treasury also funds investments, new Shibao initiatives, and marketing.

  • Shibao Shelter: The Shibao Shelter burns% of all $Shibao traded. The more that is traded, the more that is put into the Shibao Shelter, causing the Shibao Shelter to increase in size and limiting the circulating supply.

Shibao Token Distribution

Buy 14%

Sell 16%

Automatic LP


Automatic LP:


Insurance Fund


Insurance Fund










Rewards Mechanism

To sustain its price and rebase rewards, SAP employs a sophisticated set of parameters. It features the Shibao Insurance Fund (SIF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the Shibao Protocol’s price stability and long-term viability by maintaining a steady 0.02355% rebase rate given to all $Shibao token holders every 15 minutes.

All of these aspects have been handled by the Shibao development team so they operate seamlessly behind the scenes. The end product is a simple and elegant staking and reward mechanism for $Shibao holders.

About Shibao

Shibao is a DeFi innovation project that provides benefits and value to Shibao token holders. Shibao aspires to overcome the age-old issues linked with incentives and token holding.

The Shibao Auto-Staking Protocol (SAP) is a revolutionary financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient while also providing $Shibao token holders with the greatest stable returns in cryptocurrency.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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