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Shine Turbine is a wind-powered mobile device charger

A modern issue of the outdoor and outdoor lifestyle is how to keep your appliances powered up. Battery packs are an option, but they have limited uses and can be heavy and bulky. The team at Aurea Technologies came to the rescue with the Shine Turbine, a compact and lightweight one run by wind turbine supply recycled energy for outdoor enthusiasts who need to recharge their electronic devices.

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Launching Shine Turbine a Kickstarter campaign on June 8, 2021, was fully funded within hours, highlighting the level of interest in this innovative product.

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Designed and manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada, patent pending Technology ‘Shine’. It weighs just 3 pounds and is about the size of a water bottle for easy storage and storage. When out of your backpack or working remotely, the Shine Turbine takes just a few minutes to set up. No loose pieces to worry about getting lost when you fold the high-performance blades and place the turbine on a retractable stand. Everything you need is stored inside the box.

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“We are delivering wind power to fit in your backpack,” said Cat Adalay, CEO and Founder of Aurea Technologies.

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This clean energy option is also available battery storage, so you can charge your cameras, phones, lights, tablets, GPS, and other devices when the wind blows, which you can then take with you to charge more later. It can also be pre-charged before you head out using a standard wall outlet.

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Adalay continued, “Wind is the second largest producer of clean energy world, but most people don’t have direct access to it. As a group of science and engineering knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts, we aim to create a wind energy product that allows users to freely produce clean energy. their own day and night, rain, cloud or shine. “

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Hand-held design is convenient to use for day trips to the beach or mountain, camp trips or as an emergency backup.

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“In order to live sustainably, we need to rethink the way we create and use energy,” said Rachel Carr, Marketing Director of Aurea Technologies and co-creator of Shine Turbine. “Shine’s design simplicity, two-minute setup, and ability to quickly generate and store electricity do it. It’s a game changer in allowing people to access wind power away from the grid. “

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