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Shock in California, banning assault rifles – World Thế

The assault rifle is just an ordinary weapon like the knife of the Swiss army: “A useful defensive weapon to protect the fatherland and people”. It is a shocking statement that in California 35 years after the ban on the sale of the infamous AR-15 or AK-47 was lifted, the Kalashnikov-style rifles the protagonists of most massacres continue to shed. America. All of this comes at a time when the Biden administration is engaged in yet another effort to try to prevent mass shootings, which the White House has identified as a real epidemic and national shame. family.

An appeal filed in 2019 by a group that includes gun owners, lobbyists and firearms owners was filed by federal judge Roger Benitez, appointed in 2003 by George W. Bush and made headlines for blocking California in 2003 by banning the sale of large magazines that could hold more than ten bullets.

For the pro-gun judge, the 1989 assault rifle ban “is unconstitutional because a state’s government is not free to impose its political choices on American citizens when they matter.” regard to constitutional rights”: in this case, the Second Amendment establishes the right to self-defense and to possess weapons. However, the judge went further, advancing the sentence in a way that is not questionable: “We are not talking here about bazookas, cannons or machine guns, but about conventional and modern rifles great”. Therefore, the risk that goes hand in hand with the knife of the Swiss army is “the perfect combination of weapons for defense of the homeland and weapons of defense of the homeland”. However, the sentence was suspended for 30 days, the amount of time needed for the state of California to appeal.


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