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Shopee Indonesia denied the delivery man’s strike for meager wages

Shopee Indonesia has denied allegations that its Shopee Express (SPX) delivery staff went on strike to protest against underpayment.

According to Handhika Jahja, Managing Director of Shopee Indonesia, the company pays transportation carriers at a “competitive rate” in the logistics service industry.

He notes that an SPX Driver Partner in the Greater Jakarta Region making 80 deliveries per day can get an average discount of IDR 2,213 (US $ 0.15) per delivery.

The director also denied any delivery delays except during Mega 4.4 Shopping Day and the company offered insurance to their driver partners.

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The allegation came from a Twitter user that said a Shopee shipper received only 1,500 IDR ($ 0.10) per delivery in April 2021 from an earlier fee of IDR 5,000 ($ 0.34). He also said that nearly a thousand transporters were on strike or resigning from the company.

On Sunday, the hashtag #ShopeeTindasKurir (Shopee vs. shipper) became trending on Twitter, with netizens posting their own conversations with the e-commerce giant’s couriers.

In a tweet, a courier said that he received no base salary apart from a reduction in delivery wages, while deliveries from other companies said they received their base salary without any action. engine to cover their fuel costs.

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