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Shorty Rossi comes to the rescue again

Vámonos – do this! ”Is the quick work attitude of Shorty’s Rescue, one Pit Bull Dog Rescue is set up by a reality TV star Shorty Rossi.

Shorty Rossi’s passion is to help breed Bully dogs that are often misunderstood.

Based in La Misión, Baja California, Mexico, near the San Diego border where Shorty lives, basis Currently raising 30 dogs from old to puppies and adopting more than 100 puppies each year. Living in Mexico, Shorty witnessed with his own eyes the unfortunate conditions where many dogs live because of homelessness, lack of medical treatment and access to health care and procedures. proper hair care. To help solve these problems, Shorty partnered with local veterinarians and started a free monthly surgery clinic. The very popular program now has a long waiting list. Not wanting the pet owner to turn his back, Shorty is in the process of buying a truck to convert it into a portable clinic and outdoor clinic. The clinic is scheduled to go into operation in the summer of 2021. Return Shop To raise funds for rescue assistance, in 2019, Shorty opened Shorty’s Pet Rescue Shop. Many expats actually live in La Misión, and they have a need for high quality pet food and utensils for their pets. The store’s profits also allow rescues to provide communities with access to town, such as free dog food, heartworm prevention, annual vaccinations, and medical procedures.

Hoping for Hope Shorty saw with his own eyes the impact COVID had on his rescue with fundraising and community support. During these tough times, his nonprofit is committed to helping other rescuers across the United States by raising awareness of the amazing work they’re doing and helping them raise money.

Last December and March, Shorty traveled across the United States to visit more than 20 rescue groups to stream live on social media to let the world know what they do, show off their hard work in adopting animals and raise awareness about their donation needs.

To virtually accompany Shorty’s next shelter and to nominate your favorite shelter for a visit from Shorty visit: Facebook.com/ShortyRossi.

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parents”, is an award-winning certified dog writer, photographer and trainer. She continues to be busy managing her internet celebrity Preston’s career from PrestonSpeaks.com. She has three Westies, who think they are small people, and a cat, who rules the house. Find out more at RachelPhelps.com



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