Home Stock Market Should you buy Coinbase? Valuation is absurd, based on this math

Should you buy Coinbase? Valuation is absurd, based on this math


Coinbase may be a good company, but COIN, worth $ 100 billion, is not a good stock. See full story.

‘Optimism carries huge risks’: Why should new investors, excited about GameStop’s rollercoaster ride, rethink their pink glasses

A new survey examines the different attitudes of new and experienced investors. See full story.

These stocks are cheap when you factor in expected sales

Investors typically pay a premium for rapid sales growth companies. See full story.

My husband signed a car for a friend – against my wishes. We now receive notifications of unpaid tolls and parking tickets. What if there is an accident?

Every time another ‘overdue’ envelope arrives, I panic to think that the savings I struggled with might disappear in an accident. ” See full story.

Nvidia stepped up competition with Intel and AMD with its first data center CPU, based on Arm

Nvidia Corp. is stepping up the competition of artificial intelligence with Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. by introducing a new central processing unit for batch data processing, with technology based on the acquisition of Arm Holdings PLC. See full story.


Monday’s top personal finance stories and tips on how to change your money mindset. See full story.



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