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Silent-Yachts launches 62 Tri-Deck

Silent 62 Tri-Deck has a full third deck instead of a flying bridge

Silent-Yachts sold three of its 62 Tri-Decks, based on the Silent 60 currently built in Thailand and Italy but with a third full deck and an additional 2ft in length. Two Silent 62 Tri-Decks were sold to customers from the US and one was sold to Europe.

Carbon fiber is widely used to reduce the overall weight of the new 19m model, has a 9m (29ft 6in) beam and provides up to 50m2 more living space than the Silent 60, which has a flight deck.

The open sky lounge version has a 50m2 top floor

Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts, said: “We are a customer-focused company and always open to new challenges, so when a customer approaches We’re with the idea of ​​going one level up, we’re happy to go. Now, we are offering this wonderful yacht as part of our range.

“To optimize the yacht’s boating characteristics, the hull has been extended by 2 feet, providing more space on the already spacious shower pad.”

A self-contained terrace comprising of 18 square meters can be used for the owner’s suite

The third deck is offered in three versions: open skylights, closed skylights, or owner’s suites. The open sky lounge version has a floor area of ​​50 square meters with a bar and showroom, dining table and bench for 10-12 people, sofa, seating area and a helm above.

The self-contained sky lounge version offers an 18m2 self-contained interior with a bar, showroom and dining table, while behind is a 32-square-meter terrace with sofa and seating area. The owner’s suite version is similar, except that the enclosed area contains the owner’s suite with private bathrooms.

Possible layout for main deck interiors

The main deck features a large, 50 square meter pub with wide windows, while the main deck outdoor space includes a 70 square meter aft cockpit and foredeck. The living area on the lower deck occupies up to 62m2 and can include three to six state rooms with up to six bathrooms. All units have a double or twin berth and all ends have a separate shower.

The optional hydraulic stern pedestal, which also serves as a swimming platform, can accommodate a 4.2m-long bidder, while additional underwater toys, SUPs, kayaks and electric bicycles can be stored in the bridge deck.

Exterior features include a long side window stripe and a more general window surface. The high performance hull shape has benefited from CFD research, with longer waterline and inverted bow, while a 0.93m draft allows yachts to access shallower bays, a major boon areas like Southeast Asia.

The CE-A yacht is equipped with 42 powerful solar panels with a capacity of up to 17kWp and the same drive system as used on the 60. The yacht itself uses a silent electric motor for the range of activities. Unlimited dynamic, no noise or smoke and minimal vibration, travel up to 100 miles a day.

The yacht can power all the systems on board without the need to run a generator, which can only be used to charge the batteries if higher speeds need to be maintained for long periods or when weather conditions are not. advantageous in a few days. The operating costs are substantially lower than that of electric yachts using more traditional propulsion systems.

The base price of Silent 62 Tri-Deck is 2,427 million euros (about $ 2,874 million) and includes some standard features that are often considered optional in other brands.


Austrian-owned Silent-Yachts has sold three of its flagship Silent 80 Tri-Deck series, while the first Silent 60 is coming soon in Thailand.



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