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Slipping cdm on Recovery, Conte came out for superbonus – Politics

It is still unclear when the Council of Ministers on the restoration plan will meet: meeting has been postponed for several hours so far. Government sources explain that “adjustments on certain items” are in progress. But the majority pointed to the most important issue above all to request an extension of the superbonus for 2023. A point identified as ‘necessary’ by former Prime Minister Conte, who for the first time addressed an issue of government as the leader of the M5s. For superbonus it is also ABI. While Fi sources say that Minister Gelmini had assurances from Economy Minister Franco that the resources for 2023 “will be indicated by next budget law”.

“As for the M5, it would be difficult to say yes to PNRR if there were no guarantees of this” superbonus extension to 2023 “, because sudden disruption of the starting path would have an impact. “We need to give certainty to both business and to the public,” Draghi sends a signal and immediately commits himself to Congress: we need to deliver certainty to both business and to the public. Industry Commissioners M5s, Gianni Girotto, Cristiano Anastasi, Gianluca Castaldi, Marco Croatti, Gabriele Lanzi and Sergio Vaccaro wrote this in a note.

“After several weeks of work, we are very happy to see in PNRR there are more than 10 billion euros for Superbonus. In addition, there is another 8 billion euros in the investment fund. with black and white warranties so that in the next economic measures it will be expanded to 2023, “he announced. The M5S government delegation includes ministers Stefano Patuanelli, Luigi Di Maio, Federico D’Incà, and Fabiana Dadone..

Glad to have more than 10 billion Pnrr, plus 8 in the hedge fund”, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio confirmed the Superbonus button before the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, a “technical” discussion with the offices of the European Commission as the source of work is still in progress on the proposed National Recovery and Recovery Plan’s text. now at the Council of Ministers. Qualified government sources explain that at the origin of the postponement, there will be a complicated job of defining documents, at the technical level, also taking place in ongoing dialogue with the EU. .


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