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Small business recovery through partnership with Dave Walker »Success as your own boss

Dave Walker is the founder of the B2SMB Institute, an organization that helps Business to Small Business brands continue to win when working with small business clients. He has worked for 30 years as a business innovator with Fortune 50 companies and lean startups scaling up to build services and increase their revenue. in the small business market. He lives for innovation but loves execution. With methodical research and an explosion of creativity, Dave loves big visuals but believes in truth, agility, and sweating. His work with the B2SMB Institute promotes Small Business-centric thinking and practice to ensure brands deliver services that help small businesses continue to thrive.

In today’s episode, Dave shares how the B2SMB Institute favors small businesses with big brands to help them work best together. He revealed how the institute has evolved over the years to collaborate with professional brands in different industrial sectors. He shares his thoughts on how small businesses are doing when we get out of the pandemic and why it has a significant impact on minority-owned companies. He highlighted how the pandemic caused a boom in new startups and how brands did the right thing to support corporate customers. Dave also shared the work he is doing with his brand partnerships to help them better understand his small business customers, and the free virtual SmallBizAid event helps build these connections as businesses recovering from a pandemic.

“Now, as a community of brands selling to small businesses, we have to exceed expectations tremendously.” – Dave Walker

Listen to the podcast below:

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • What Dave and the B2SMB Institute do to advocate for small businesses
  • How the Institute has evolved to represent experts in many disciplines
  • Small businesses get out of the pandemic
  • Why are so many small businesses run by minorities and women so negatively affected
  • How the pandemic caused a boom in entrepreneurship
  • Brands did the right thing to help small businesses during a pandemic
  • The work Dave does with his brand partners
  • Information about the SmallBizAid virtual event in June

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