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Small businesses in Florida, Georgia and New York are ready to reopen

Where in the country are small businesses willing to go back to business? As states lift restrictions and safeguards, some small businesses are more ready than others.

Overall, 24% of small businesses said they did ready to reopen. Florida leads the way with 34% of small businesses reporting that they plan to reopen. Georgia (29%) and New York (28%) ranked next.

The statistics come from a survey conducted by Bluehost, which asked more than 1,000 small businesses about their plans to reopen and optimism for their growth. Bluehost also asks business owners when they think their business will recover from the troubles caused by the pandemic.

Small businesses in Florida, Georgia and New York are ready to reopen

Paula Drum, CMO of Newfold Digital, parent company said: “The overwhelming result of Bluehost’s SMB Prospects Index is that small business owners are optimistic about what’s to come, with respondents reporting sympathy. Hope (43%) and motivated (39%), Paula Drum, CMO of Newfold Digital, parent company. by Bluehost. “During the pandemic, we have seen small businesses across the country adapt and demonstrate their ability to cope with the ever-changing world.”

Small businesses have found new ways to engage customers, Drum says, whether it’s getting their business online with a website and social media, or updating direct restrictions close by. this is most interstate.

“In fact, this resilience has resulted in more than four out of five small business owners (85%) reporting that their business is successful by 2020,” said Drum. “I have no doubt that small businesses will achieve the same success by reopening the post-COVID world.”

How do you know if your small business is ready to reopen?

Drum says the majority of businesses have reopened planning, with nearly a quarter (24%) of plans already completed.

“However, one in five small business owners said they did not know or have discussed their reopening plans,” said Drum. “People without plans are not alone and still have time to develop plans that match their business and the needs of their customers.”

Retain new methods during reopening

If you adopt new digital technology during a pandemic, keep growing.

“My advice for small business owners is not to give up on new activities they’ve established in the past year, especially for an online presence,” says Drum. “In fact, 38% of small businesses report an increase in their online presence to be a positive growth factor in the next twelve months.”

Drum argues that consumer behavior is well adjusted. Online tools became more popular during the pandemic.

New consumer behavior begins for safety reasons but becomes the new normal behavior. That’s because of the convenience provided by using online tools, says Drum.

Priority of ready-to-open plans

“This includes updating Google My Business hourly in-store, updating your business website to reflect new procedures and cloaking requirements, setting up email marketing to keep customers updated. of online-only and reopening options and posting to social media with introductory information as available, ”says Drum. “The last important step before reopening is to discuss and clearly communicate your reopening plan with the staff.”

“Reopening to the world after a year we were able to feel like a big step forward,” she added. “But small businesses have shown that they have the resilience, the drive, and the optimism to succeed.”

The survey shows that optimism is high

And it’s important to point out that nationally, 71% of small businesses are optimistic about future growth. Where do small businesses feel most optimistic? These would be Georgia (88%), North Carolina (80%) and New York (79%).

Small business owners report that they feel motivated and hopeful for the future. It is not surprising that nearly half of small businesses surveyed said vaccine deployment would have a positive impact on their business before the end of 2021.

Some states believe vaccine rollouts will take effect before the end of the year: Pennsylvania (26%), Virginia (24%), California (24%) believe vaccines will have a positive effect in September. .

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