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Small cargo plane loses contact in Indonesia’s Papua – Hub News Report

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian authorities lost contact with a small Rimbun Air cargo airplane 50 minutes after it took off Wednesday in the country’s easternmost province Papua.

Local airport authorities with the National Search and Rescue Agency are searching for the plane.

The Twin Otter 300 plane was heading to Intan Jaya district from Nabre district with construction materials on board.

The Transportation Ministry in a statement said a pilot, co-pilot and technician are on board.

“Until now, there has been no communication with the Rimbun Air PK-OTW plane,” Adita Irawati, the ministry spokesperson said.

Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago nation of about 270 million people, has been plagued by transportation accidents in recent years, including plane crashes and ferry sinkings.

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