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Snapshot of 11 startups joining Accelerating Asia’s 4th cohort

Group 4 Speeding Asia

Singapore-based startup cum accelerator, Accelerating Asia (AA), has announced 11 selected startups to its fourth group.

The program runs for 100 days and included Intensive weeks on premium classroom modules, investor meetings and pitch training sessions.

In addition, AA also provides startups with the choice of seed capital of US $ 148,000 (S $ 200,000).

To support startups in their journey, AA has also brought together individuals such as Pieter Kemps, Principal Sequoia Capital; Kuo-Yi Lim, co-founder of Monk’s Hill Ventures; and Jeffrey Paine, Executive Partner of Golden Gate Ventures join its investor network.

To date, AA’s portfolio companies have raised more than $ 22 million in funding since joining the program.

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“We have selected group 4 from 500 startups from 30 countries, a record number of applications for us, showing the need for a Singapore-based accelerator with an international footprint. . With only 2% of the selected startups, the 11 chosen will be part of our largest cohort and qualify for an investment of up to S $ 200,000 from our VC fund. , ”Said co-founder Amra Naidoo.

Here are 11 startups in the program:

Amar Laboratory (Bangladesh)

End-to-end diagnostic testing service connects domestic and international diagnostic laboratories with customers.

Casa Mia (Singapore)

A shared operator offers private bedrooms in a shared home.

DoctorKoi (Bangladesh)

A prescription management software that helps doctors create prescriptions with just a few clicks.

Drive lah (Singapore)

A mobile company that offers flexible and affordable access to nearby cars without the hassle of ownership.

HandyMama (Bangladesh)

Connects clients with trusted and verified cleaning services and caregivers.

Independence (Singapore)

AI-powered marketplace tailored to individuals according to the exact requirements of marketing projects.

KopiDate (Singapore)

A social platform that helps manage a conversation-focused dating experience for millennials alone.

Mobiliti (Pakistan)

Modern bio-limb prostheses are available at affordable prices.

SWAP (Bangladesh)

A multi-catalog exchange platform that allows users to sell or exchange their old phones, laptops, cars, motorcycles and furniture in just 24 hours.

TransTRACK.ID (Indonesia)

A fleet telecommunications systems integrator providing transport data collection.

Waitrr (Singapore)

A platform for restaurants that allows guests to order and pay in seconds.

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