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Solar-powered Zamasport HQ produces more than half of the energy needs

After 3 years of development, the Italian architecture company Frigerio Design Team completed the new headquarters of manufacturing engineering firm Zamasport, a solar-powered mostly fabric-inspired building. Designed according to the architectural company’s “slow architecture” philosophy, the headquarters has a sustainable mindset that prioritizes the energy efficiency and health of workers with the use of natural, convenient light. Comfort and greenery in the entire building. The use of renewable energy systems, passive design Energy-saving principles and technologies have helped the Zamasport headquarters meet NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) standards.

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Located in the heart of Zamasport’s industrial complex, the new 3,700 square meter estate headquarters acts as a “hinge” between existing buildings and is connected to neighboring departments through glazed corridors. The 10-meter-high multifunction building features offices, workshops and meeting rooms in the foreground with warehouse facilities in the back. The ground floor is dedicated to production facilities, such as the cutting unit, while the first floor, which offers views of the two hanging gardens, includes the main office spaces with meeting rooms and zones. rest area.

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Surrounded glass corridors connected to the wooden building
Glass wall overlooking the courtyard

Inspired by Zamasport’s work in the fashion industry, the architects created a facade reminiscent of fabric. The three sides of the building are enclosed in prefabricatedColored, concrete slabs – designed with thermal and ventilation openings – mimic the creases and creases of clothing. The main facade is completely glazed with vertical, winding sunscreens to evoke hanging ribbons.

people who work inside a factory
long wooden furniture near the glass wall

To meet the NZEB standards, the architects equipped the Zamasport HQ one photoelectricity the system is capable of producing up to 50,000 kWh per year as well as radiant heating and cooling. Passive design principles and energy-saving technologies, such as LEDs and sensors, help reduce a building’s energy use. The Building Automation System always oversees mechanical and electrical systems.

+ Frigerio Design Team

Photography by Mario Frusca through the Frigerio Design Group



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