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Sơn: “The plan does not change, by the end of the month 500 thousand doses per day” – Nien

“The plan is unchanged, at the end of the month we have to reach 500,000 doses daily. From today, the AstraZeneca vaccination is open to subjects 60-79 years old, while those under 60 years old have been given. first, also get second. ”So General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, Covid emergency commissioner, spoke to Piediripa di Macerata to talk about the latest developments in vaccine management- Anglo-Swedish vaccine. “EMA – emphasis on general – has said that AstraZeneca is a safe vaccine and I hope this is the end of the incident.”

“From this quarter to the next, 30 million doses of AstraZeneca will arrive, so it could also be available to audiences over 60 to 79, which is about 13 million and 275,000 users,” Figliuolo recalls. “Of these 2 million 270 thousand received the first dose already”. One decision, the Commissioner said again, is also the result of what “our neighbors have done and I am talking about Germany, France, Belgium and Spain”.

Figliuolo said: “If we get vaccinated, we will get rid of it. As soon as we finish over 80 years old and in poor health, we will open vaccinations for productivity classes.” “Our territories have suffered, this is made in Italy and we have to bring made in Italy back to the world, we have to reopen,” he added.


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