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Stan Lee, superhero and entrepreneurial weakness

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Among many phrases, stories and lessons Stan Lee What remains of us, seems particularly precious to me: “If Achilles had not had his heel, perhaps today we would not even have known him.” Phrases that reveal the value of our weaknesses, aspects of our bodies or personalities that make us vulnerable.

Even though we often wear them hidden, we all have them. We are not talking about them. We better show our strengths: we pride ourselves on what we can do well, of our gifts, of our attributes.

Of our superpowers.

Weaknesses and flaws remain in the dark as we walk through the corridors of offices and corporations, hoping that others will never notice them. The worst is sometimes, ourselves refuse to see our flaws . We pretend they don’t exist and we obsess about showing ourselves infallible, indestructible, like superheroes.

But like Achilles, with that trauma from the day his mother grabbed his heels and drowned him in the cold waters of the River Styx, wished he were invincible, so they we also have aspects that make us weak. Instead of avoiding them, we have to recognize them, work with them and accept that they are part of our character and that they contribute to making us unique and different.

The power of the weak point

In 1954 Stan Lee worked as an editor at Comic Atlas (a company later changed its name to Marvel Comics). After experiencing its heyday in World War II, comics went through a terrible period: that same year, the Comic Code Agency was formed in the United States to seek to regulate the content of the genre this publication because they consider them too violent and encourage minors to break the law. Handcuffed, writers struggle to create products that appeal to young readers, and publishers are essentially betting on romantic or old Western comics.

Tired of the situation, Stan Lee confessed to his wife Joan that he was about to resign. She told him: “Before you quit, why don’t you make a story as you want? The worst that can happen is getting fired, right? Anyway, you’ve been thinking about quitting … “

His wife’s advice coincided with an appearance of the Justice League in the competitive publishing house (later to become DC Comics) and with Atlas owner Martin Goodman’s request for a cartoon movie starring a group of superheroes.

Stan Lee then wrote the first post Great quartet story and give its characters what will make them different: weaknesses, complexity, problems, and insecurity.

Reed Richards is a scientist bestowed with great intelligence, but who lives with brutal guilt for causing irreparable harm to his friends on missions into that space; Ben Grimm is transformed into a monstrous and very powerful orange-stone creature abandoned by his fiancée due to his horrified looks; Johnny is a teenager with superpowers, too young to understand them and more busy racing and dating girls than protecting the world from a bad guy; Sue Storm is trying to keep the team alive and her marriage to Reed persists, despite her doubts.

The comics were a huge success and Goodman allowed Stan Lee to continue experimenting with missing characters. The Fantastic Four was followed by Hulk , the story of the resigned man turns into a green monster with uncontrollable destructive power every time he gets angry. Later Spiderman , a weak and insecure teenager who gains his powers after being bitten by a spider. The young man was being bullied Because his classmates, he has to pay for his education as a reporter and he doesn’t know how to approach the girl he likes. Then with X Men Stan Lee has addressed the minority issue through the social rejection of genetically modified people.

Like the superheroes of the golden age in comics, Stan Lee’s characters are powerful and powerful, possessing incredible abilities, but what really sets them apart and captures them. are defects, problems and the likelihood of failure. That and how they try, in spite of everything, move forward …


In both life and entrepreneurship, our biggest obstacle will always be ourselves. Our ideas, fears, and complexity can prevent us from reaching the potential we truly have. To the extent that we accept that, like the characters Stan Lee imagines, we are erroneous, erratic, and feeble creatures, we will be able to improve ourselves.

It’s just like we are captivated by the story of a teenage boy who lost his uncle at the hands of a criminal that he himself might have captured and then begins to use his powers to fight off. Crime again, our own stories can also engage us. The film follows the path of creatures willing to rise ahead despite adversity and suspicion in a complex environment in which the only way to win is to work tirelessly from dawn to dusk. , believing in the supernatural power that ideals and goals possess. dreams

Stories about superheroes, about ourselves, our weaknesses transformed into strengths. But above all: our commitment.



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