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Starting all over April 26, from restaurant to gym, here’s what you can do – Politics

From presence schools to outdoor restaurants, to gyms and then movement between regions: The government has outlined a roadmap to re-start the country. Below are some of the measures that are notified to be included in the next decree, effective from April 26.

GOLD ZONE It was restored after more than a month of inactivity. But with some changes compared to before. Out of these, the ability to move freely between areas classified by this color and continue various activities, especially outdoors starting April 26.

SCHOOLS In the yellow and orange areas, all schools will attend. In the Red Zone lessons are present until eighth grade, while in high school the activity will take place at least 50% present.

OVERCOME – The new decree provides for the establishment of a ‘pass tag’ confirming the existence of one of the following conditions: vaccinated, performed a negative covid test within a defined time frame, from Covid. Pass holders have the ability to move freely across the country and participate in certain events – culture and sports – exclusively for cardholders.

MOBILITY ‘ – Movements will be allowed from April 26 between the yellow areas. Travel between regions of different colors will be possible with the ‘pass’, which will in fact predict the “green pass” of Europe scheduled for June in the EU. country territory and in that case provide for movement between EU countries. In all areas, curfew should be maintained at 10pm.

RESTAURANTS AND BARS – In the yellow zone, from April 26 through May, lunch or dinner is only available at outdoor table dining locations. From June 1, we ate at the in-house table restaurant for lunch only. Only take-out options will remain in the orange area, as well as in the red area. In guidelines developed by the Areas and subject to inspection by CTS, a one-meter distance for outdoor or indoor restaurants has been proposed – if the pandemic situation permits – to double as conditions spread of the virus should be exacerbated.

THEATERS, CINEMAS, MUSEUMS AND FAIRS – From April 26 th, theaters and shows are once again allowed in the yellow outdoor area. Indoor performances will be allowed with capacity limits set for halls according to anti-infection protocols. The museum opens in the yellow zone. Fair activities will reopen on 1 July. In the instructions proposed by the Regions, it is assumed that a distance of at least one meter – in front or next to – between the spectators at theater or theater if they wear a mask and are at least two meters away if regulations say they are not. .

GYMS – From April 26, outdoor sports will be allowed while on June 1, the gym will reopen indoors. In the Zones guidelines, it was required to stipulate access to equipment, delineate areas to ensure a distance of at least one meter between people who were at that time physically inactive and at least. two meters during physical activity and avoid sport or physical contact.

LIDI, SPA, THEME AREA AND POOLS – The outdoor pools will reopen on May 15 and should be scheduled for bathing facilities on the same day. From 1 July, the spas and theme parks start operating again. Guides proposed by the Zones require reservation of access to the swimming pool and listings must be kept for at least 14 days, as are stations that allow distances between people of at least two meters. (HANDLING).



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